To add a new page to your Wiki activity you will need to:

  1. Click on your Wiki from the main age of your LEO unit (NOTE: You do not have to to have editing turned on to edit and interact with your Wiki activity)
  2. Your first page will be available by default. Depending on which settings you selected when you set up your Wiki activity, you may also be able to edit the format at this stage. It is recommend that you stay with the default of HTML, unless you are already familiar with the other options
  3. Select a group from the dropdown if appropriate
  4. Click on the blue 'Create page' button
  5. You will be taken to the editing screen for your first page. In the top field, you can add some contextual information. From here you are also able to add additional pages. To add a new page, enter the name of the Page you want to add in double square brackets. So if you want to add a page called 'Study notes' then you would type (onto a new line) "[[Study notes]]". Similarly, if you want to add a new page called 'Australian history' you would type (onto a new line) "[[Australian history]]". You can add multiple new pages at the same time.
    screenshot of how to add a new page to a Wiki activity
  6. You can tag the content on this page. Tagging your content with keywords will allow you to sort through your Wiki pages at a later date to find all of the content which belongs under a certain theme or topic.
  7. Click 'Save' to view your page. You will then be taken to the 'View' option for your Wiki page. The page or pages you have added are now links, which are highlighted in red. Clicking on any of the links will allow you to edit the content for that page. The 'View' screen of your new Wiki page
  8. Clicking on one of the links to your newly added page will take you back to the beginning of the process, allowing you to edit settings as appropriate. Once you are happy with your selections you can click on 'Create page'. This will take you to the editing screen (See: 5. above).

You and your students are able to add a new page (or pages) to any page within a Wiki activity.

The Wiki activity can be empowering to your students in that you are allowing them a modicum of control over the development of content within your LEO unit. The pages in a Wiki can expand out in interesting and unanticipated ways. However you are still able to edit and delete pages from a Wiki if necessary.

To edit or delete a page from a Wiki you need to:

  1. Click on the Wiki from the main page of your Leo unit
  2. Click on the 'Administration' tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on 'List all'. This will display all of the available pages in the Wiki
  4. To edit the page, click on the pencil icon to the left of the page name. To delete the page click on the red cross icon to the left of the page name.

There are other useful functionalities within the Wiki which may be useful. These are available under tabs which are available from the main screen of your Wiki activity.

The wiki admin sub menu

These include:

  • View
    Clicking on 'View' will display the current page. Clicking on any of the red links will take you to that page.
  • Edit
    Clicking on 'Edit' will take you to the editing screen for that page.
  • Comments
    Clicking on 'Comments' will allow you to add a comment to the page, as well as delete comments which have been made by your students.
  • History
    Clicking on the 'History' tab will display the 'versions' of the page you are on. To delete versions of a page (and restore a previous version) click on the 'Administration' tab.
  • Map
    The 'Map' tab allows users to view areas of the Wiki such as the Page list, Links, Orphaned pages (pages which aren't linked to anywhere), Page index, and updated pages.
  • Files
    You can upload and access any files which have been added to your Wiki from the 'Files' tab.
  • Administration
    Clicking on the 'Administration' tab will give you the option of removing pages, adding paged, editing pages, deleting pages, and deleting page versions as required.

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