To add a question page to your Lesson activity you will need to:

  1. Select Lesson activity.

  2. ‘Add a question page’

  3. In the new page, select which question type you want to add to your Lesson activity. Your options are essay, matching, multiple choice, numerical, short answer, or true/false. The option you select at this stage will dictate what options are available to you on the next page.
    screenshot of the Create a Question page editing screen
  4. No matter which question type you add to your Lesson activity, you will need to give your question page a title, and populate the ‘Page contents’ area.  Complete the question content as appropriate.

    There are two settings you need to consider when adding a new question page to your Lesson activity: Jump and Score. These options are available to you under each of the ‘Answer’ sections on the ‘Add a new question page’, and will dictate all of the potential pathways your students can take as they navigate through the Lesson activity. Read the brief explanation of each of these Settings below.

    Jump: in the dropdown next to Jump you can select either 'This page', 'Next page', 'Previous page', 'End of lesson', 'Unseen question within a content page', 'Random question within a content page', plus a list of all the of the questions you have already added to your Lesson activity. You will need to select an option for 'Jump' under each of the potential answers you within your question in order to create adaptive learning pathways for your students.

    Score: Score is only relevant to you if you have enabled custom scoring within your Lesson activity, and is entirely optional. Each answer can then be given a numerical point value (positive or negative). Depending on the settings you have enabled within your Lesson activity, your students may be able to watch their points accumulate (or decrease) as they navigate through the Lesson activity.

  5. Select ‘Save page’ when you are done. You will then be redirected to an ‘Expanded view’ of all of the pages within your Lesson activity via the Lesson 'Edit' page. From this page you can add additional pages to your Lesson activity, reorder your Lesson’s pages, edit or 'Update' your pages, preview your pages, or delete them.

It is best practice to map your Lesson activity out visually, before you start to develop it within LEO. You can use pen and paper, post-it notes, the ‘SmartArt’ function in Word, or any number of Free cloud-based mind-mapping programs to help you design the activity (we recommend MindMup but there are lots of options to try).

It is also a good idea to ‘hide’ your Lesson activity from the students in your LEO unit while the activity is being developed. To hide the Lesson activity from your students:

  1. Select on ‘Turn editing on’.
  2. Navigate to your Lesson activity, and click on the ‘Edit’ icon.
  3. Select ‘Hide’ (the 'eye' icon).

Just remember to ‘Unhide’ the activity when it is ready!

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