Terms of Reference

  • To collaborate with and respond to Academic Board on the formulation and implementation of policies related to teaching and learning
  • To provide regular reports to Academic Board on the progress of the implementation all matters delegated to it by Academic Board
  • to initiate, review and monitor compliance with relevant legislation, policies and procedures
  • To receive requests and act on issues which come from Academic Board for their consideration
  • to receive, consider and respond to reports from Faculty Boards in relation to quality improvements in learning and teaching
  • To debate, advise and make recommendations to Academic Board regarding current and emerging issues in relation to learning and teaching, including:
    • evaluation and improvement of teaching, assessment and moderation standards;
    • professional development in all aspects of learning and teaching;
    • development and implementation of the University Learning and Teaching Thematic Plan;
    • policies and procedures in relation to learning and teaching, including flexible learning and new educational technologies;
    • monitoring of internal and external grants and award schemes for learning and teaching;
    • leadership in teaching.


  • DVC Education
  • Provost
  • Chair, Academic Board or nominee
  • Director, Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC)
  • Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) of each Faculty
  • Director, Libraries or nominee
  • Manager, Academic Skills Unit or nominee
  • Academic nominated by each Executive Dean
  • Evaluation Coordinator, Learning and Teaching Centre
  • Indigenous member nominated by the First Peoples and Equity Pathways
  • Student representative nominated by ACU National Student Association

The University Learning and Teaching Committee may co-opt complementary expertise for specific tasks/issues.

Date of Establishment: The University Learning and Teaching Committee (previously known as the University Teaching and Learning Committee) was established on 21 September 2001 and retitled on 1 January 2009

Meeting Frequency: 6 times per year

Responsible Officer: DVC Education

Executive Officer: Office Manager, Learning and Teaching Centre

Review: The Terms of Reference and membership were last reviewed on 31 October 2013

Approved: Academic Board February 2014

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