What are notifications?

Some activities and events in LEO may create a "notification". Typically, this is to inform users of an action that affects them in some way, or as a reminder to the user they need to do something in LEO. Some examples include:

  • For students, when an assignment or other activity has been graded.
  • For staff, if a marking deadline is approaching.
  • For all users, if a new post is made in a forum they are subscribed to.

Many actions in LEO create a notification, however you can customise the notification settings of some activities. Most users will receive notifications by default in LEO, unless they have modified their personal settings.

How to view your notifications

The notification and messages panel At the top right corner of LEO, next to your name, there may be two additional icons ( for Messages and Notifications):

  1. Click the 'Bell' icon at the top of the screen, next your your name. A Notifications Panel will appear:
    A list of notifications
  2. Click the 'View full notification' link for the notification you wish to view. You will be taken to the Notifications page:
    The full text of the notification
  3. The notification message may include a link that you can click to go directly to the relevant activity or section in LEO. In the above example, clicking this link will take the user directly to the assignment submission to be graded.

How to manage notification preferences

What notifications you receive, and how they are received, is dependent on activity settings and personal user notification preferences.

In your LEO preferences, you can choose to receive either a "Web" notification or an "Email" notification, depending on whether or not you are currently logged into LEO when the notification is generated. You may also receive both, if both settings are enabled. Most activities are capable of generating notifications for users, such as the Assignment activity preferences:

The notifications options of on or off

For more information on notification preferences please see LEO Guides: Personal settings.

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