Are you designing and developing a new unit or course? Or redeveloping one?

stages of process, stage 1 preparation, stage 2 planning and design, stage 3 development, stage 4 review, stage 5 unit readiness and handover, stage 6 implementation, stage 7 evaluation and improvement

Developing Units and Courses Process stages, ACU (2017)

This site provides a systematic approach to unit development, with guidance, resources and just-in-time professional development provided for each project stage.

This approach supports high quality unit design and encourages academic staff to reflect on how best to plan and build units in LEO that are underpinned by good online pedagogies.

The information and advice provided in this resource unit is derived from a number of ACU unit development projects, and draws upon this collective experience in LEO unit development.

You can enrol yourself in the course by using the link. If you need help, please contact LEO Support or phone 1800 246 442.

Who is it for?

This resource unit aims to provide guidance and resources for all staff who may be involved in a unit development (or redevelopment) project. However, not all of this information may be relevant, depending on your specific tasks and responsibilities within a project.

Academic Staff
Unit Development Leads
Faculty Executive
Staff who plan, write and build new or redeveloped unit(s). Staff involved in the day-to-day project management and/or educational design of unit development projects.
Lead and support others (academic staff) through the unit development process.
Those who makes decisions around budgets and resourcing on unit development projects.

How to use the resource

This unit is designed to be an informational, self-paced resource with no facilitator. We chose to present this material in LEO, so we could model the presentation of resources in a medium familiar to academics.
You can work through the stages systematically, or you can select specific stages or topics of interest or relevance.

For unit redevelopment projects, not all stages and not all information within each stage may be applicable. If this is the case for your unit redevelopment project, adapt the information, resources and suggested tasks to meet your specific needs.

What are the stages of unit development?

The following linked document outlines in detail each possible stage of the proposed unit development process of Developing Units and Courses at ACU. The intention is that you will review and adapt this document to meet the needs of your specific project.

It is designed as a supportive guide for use by the Unit Development Leads to feel confident all essential steps have been actioned or considered. These stages are unpacked in further detail in the LEO resource unit.


The Developing Courses and Units at ACU LEO site was developed as part of Learning for Life Online Capacity Building project.

This LEO site was informed by resources developed by the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, the Faculty of Law and Business and the Faculty of Education and Arts, all of whom we wish to thank for their support and collaboration.

The Faculty of Law and Business generously shared Lisa Burrell's 'Roadmap Resource' from their L&T Connect site for adaptation in this LEO site. This site was also informed by the outputs of other Learning for Life projects, including the Teaching Support Program, the Blended Learning project and the Peer Observation and Review of Teaching project.

Conversations with ACU academics, faculty elearning staff along with Academic Developers and Educational Designers in the Learning and Teaching Centre have also had a significant impact on the development of this resource.

The authors thank the members of the reference group for this project for their insightful feedback and comments, as well as the Library, the Office of the Provost, Human Resources, Marketing and External Relations, Faculty Administration and Student Services.

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