Editing Lecturers have a number of reports available for measuring user and activity participation in LEO. You are able to download most logs as a spreadsheet file.

Individual student reports

  1. From within a LEO unit, select Navigation > [Unit name] > Participants.
  2. This option will bring up a list of all students and staff enrolled in the unit. Included in the list is the last time each participant accessed the unit in LEO.
  3. Click on the name of any student.

The 'Reports' heading lists a number of reports available for that student that you may access. These are:

  • Today's logs - all the actions the student has performed in the unit today
  • All logs - all the actions the student has performed in the unit in the past three months
  • Outline report - a list of all the activities and resources in the unit with a summary of how the student has interacted with them. For example, the grade or the number of views.
  • Complete report - a list of all the activities and resources in the unit with more detailed information about the student interaction.
  • Grade - a list of graded activities in the unit for that student and their results.

Unit reports

From within a LEO unit, select Administration > Unit administration > Reports. There are a number of LEO unit based reports you may have access to, depending on your Role in the unit:

The report links under the Reports menu
  • Logs - a query-based report that allows selecting different activities, users, dates and types of interaction.
  • Live logs - what is going on in the unit right now.
  • Activity report - a summary of the interactions with the various activities in the unit.
  • Unit participation - filter interactions with unit material and activities by student, group, etc.
  • Activity completion - Lists participants in the unit and which activities they have completed (only available if completion tracking is enabled for the unit).

Viewing and overriding activity completion

You can click the 'Activity completion' link under the Reports menu to view a spreadsheet summary of all students and the activities they've completed. You can also download a copy of this report by clicking one of the 'Download as..." links at the bottom of the report.

As a lecturer, you can also override the completion state of your students, marking an activity as complete. To do this:

  1. Click the 'Activity completion' link to open the report.
  2. In the table, click any box that corresponds with the student and the activity you wish to change. For example, to mark Example Student 2 as having completed Assessment 1, click the corresponding box:
  3. When prompted, confirm that you wish to make the change.
  4. The report will then update and show this activity complete. This action also works to set Completed activities to Incomplete if you need to.

You can use the 'Download in Excel-compatible format' link under any report to download a .csv file of the report.

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