You can enable Groups and Groupings at the unit level (and separately in the activity settings). Groups allow you to restrict access to an activity or resource based on the membership of a Group, as well as by other parameters you select. If you enable Groups at the unit level, then the default setting for every activity in your unit will default to the Group mode you select.

For example, if within your unit settings you have selected 'No groups' from the dropdown menu next to Group mode:

a screenshot of the options available in your unit's settings

Then in every activity within your LEO unit the Group submission settings will default to 'No':

screenshot of the group submission options in an Assignment activity

Similarly, if you enable Groups in the settings of your unit (by choosing the 'Separate groups' or 'Visible groups' options as the Group mode, for example), the 'Students submit in groups' setting in the image above would default to 'Yes'. Additionally, you would also be able to view users in Grades according to the Group they are a member of. This is particularly useful for managing large cohorts with multiple tutorial groups.

With 'Separate groups' selected, a dropdown will appear in that allows you to view all users, or just the users in a chosen group:

The dropdown menu available in the Grader report when you have groups enabled at the unit level.

How to enable 'Group mode' in your LEO unit

edit unit settings link in the administration menu
  1. Navigate to your unit in LEO. Note: you do not need to have editing turned on to perform this function.
  2. In the Administration menu click on 'Edit settings'.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on the 'Groups' heading to expand it.
  4. Select the Group settings as appropriate:

Group mode

  • No groups - There are effectively no groups, everyone is part of one larger group in your unit.
  • Separate groups - Each group can only see their own group, users in other groups are invisible.
  • Visible groups - Each group member works within their own group, but can see the other groups and their work.

Force group mode

If you click the checkbox for 'Force group mode' then the group mode is automatically applied to every group in the unit, Group mode settings for each activity will be ignored if this option is enabled.

Default grouping

You are able to select the default grouping for your activities and resources from the options provided.

Integrate with Tutorial Direct

Check the box next to 'Integrate with Tutorial direct if you want groups to be automatically created by Tutorial Direct.

Allow users to join more than one sign up group

Check the box next to 'Allow users to join more than one sign up group' if you want to allow a user to be a member of multiple sign-up groups at the same time.

  1. Click 'Save and display' to save your unit settings.

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