In order to create a new unit, you must be an editing lecturer in LEO.

unit creating block

Unit creation is started from the 'Unit Creation' block on the LEO homepage. This block usually sits near the bottom of the right column of the LEO home screen. 

If you do not see the 'Unit Creation' block on the LEO homepage, it is probably because you are not set up as an editing lecturer in LEO. You will need to ask your faculty eLearning team for assistance.

Before you start, here are a few important questions to ask.

For more information about your role and responsibilities see LIC roles and responsibilities – unit readiness.

In order to create a copy of an existing unit you need to be enrolled as an editing lecturer in a previous copy of the unit, see ‘create a new banner unit by copying an existing unit’.

NOTE: if you have not taught the unit before and do not have access to a previous version, contact authorised staff in your faculty, see ‘faculty contacts’ to request access.

In order to create a unit based on a faculty template and build it from scratch you must currently be enrolled as an editing lecturer in a unit. Once you have this access you will be able to see the ‘Unit creation’ block.

If you do not have access to a previous unit with editing lecturer permissions, contact authorised staff in your faculty, see ‘faculty contacts’ to request.

NOTE: if you are from non-faculty contact LTC staff to request a unit is created based on the non-faculty template, see ‘faculty contacts’ to request.

Banner student enrolment system

Knowing a little about 'Banner' can help you make the best decisions when creating a new unit and whether to enrol students.

Banner is ACU's student management system. Banner contains the list of all ACU students and which unit(s) they are enrolled in. When a unit is created it will either be a 'Banner unit' or a 'non-Banner unit'.

Banner units will have students enrolled in them. If additional students are enrolled into the unit, or drop out, the student list in LEO for that unit will automatically be updated.

Non-banner units are not connected with banner. They will not have students automatically attached to them. They are often used as 'sandboxes' (a unit where a staff member may practice their skills in LEO without any student access). They are also sometimes used as units for staff professional development.

You might want to create what is called a sandbox unit. You can use this unit as your personal, safe playground in LEO – a place where you can try out features or activities to learn how to use them prior to creating them in a live unit (ie a LEO unit with students enrolled).

To create a sandbox unit without students, you need to ensure that it is not associated with a banner cohort (ie it is a non-banner unit). If you need 'dummy students' to test, Androgogic can add them for you.

Other cases for non-banner units:

You may also want to create a LEO unit for use in a project and not for teaching purposes. This project may involve collaborating with staff in your faculty or department.

For faculty-specific examples of non-banner units, please contact your faculty eLearning team.

Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

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