You can add Grades in the originality report by clicking on the Grades area located in the upper right corner of the Turnitin interface.

  1. Click on the --  icon, enter a grade
  2. Navigate to other submissions using the arrows next to the student name, directly above the Grades. Alternatively click on page and select the student name from the drop down menu.
Grade boxes in Turnitin Feedback Studio

Turnitin submission inbox

The Turnitin submission inbox displays all the students enrolled in the LEO unit. If you have a large cohort of students, use the filter options in the submission inbox to help reduce the number of students displayed.

When you open a student submission, the navigation features in originality report will operate for the whole LEO unit. If you have a large cohort, it is best to close the originality report after reviewing, adding comments or grades. Return to the submission inbox, and select the new student from the submission inbox.

Filter options

Use following filter options:

  • Groups i.e. tutorials
  • Show entries i.e. per page
  • Search box i.e. locate individual student

Turnitin pushes grades from the Grade field located in the originality report to the Turnitin assignment submission inbox through to the LEO unit grades area.

Numerical grade

Only numerical grades are available in Turnitin submission inbox.

Manual grading in Grades

If a rubric is attached to the Turnitin assignment and calculates the grade with a decimal point, when the Grade is applied to the Grade field the overall Grade will automatically round off to whole numerical value.

A possible workaround is to leave the Grades field in the Turnitin assignment empty. Go to Grades under the 'Administration block' and either enter grades manually or use the bulk upload option to manually upload grades into the Grades via the 'Import tab'.

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