How to mark a Turnitin assignment

To access the Turnitin assignment, view the submission inbox and student submissions:

  1. Click on the Turnitin assignment link located in your LEO unit.
  2. At the top of the submission inbox, filter for a class or group of students
  3. Click on 'Submission Title' to access the student submission.;
  4. The student submission will open in a new tab in the 'Document Viewer".
  5. To enter a Grade click on the two dashes at the top right
  6. To navigate to other submissions within the document viewer, use the arrows in the upper right corner or click on the paper number to access a drop down menu and select another student. or alternatively use previous and next
  7. If you have a large cohort of students or marking a specific group, close the originality report and return to the submission inbox
  8. The Grade will automatically appear in the submission inbox under the Grade column and be released to students based on the Turnitin assignment 'Post Date'.

NOTE: If you do not want a grade to appear in the submission inbox, leave the Grade field empty and add the Grade directly into the Gradebook.

The Turnitin assignment submission inbox allows you to:

  • view description summary and edit start date, due date and post date of the part/s and marks;
  • list of students enrolled in your unit;
  • filter groups via All participants/groups;
  • identify similarity index of a student submission, the date and time they submitted and whether the student submitted late;.
  • search for a specific student via the search box;
  • download original files or selected GradeMark files;
  • notify non-submitters.

Turnitin submission inbox

The Turnitin submission inbox displays a list of student submissions alphabetically based on student last name. This information may be reordered as needed by clicking the arrow next to a column title.

Student list

By default 10 students are listed on each page. To view more students click on 'Show' and select the number students per page or select all to see all the students on one page.

Allow submission of any file type

If 'allow submission of any file type' is selected, only those submissions that include selectable text will generate an Originlity Report and similarity percentage, for example, an image file.

If the assignment type does not have a file, for example, if it is an oral presentation or performance, you can still mark the submission and provide feedback to the student by clicking on the pencil icon located next to the student name under the Grade column. This will create 'Grading template' which is a blank form to add feedback comments to students.

Student and tutors tabs (are not required)

Students and tutors are automatically linked to the Turnitin assignment, when they click on the Turnitin assignment located in the unit, It is NOT necessary to click on the 'Turnitin tutors" or Turnitin students' for any further action.

Working with groups

All participants enrolled in the unit will be linked to any Turnitin assignment created in your unit.

Turnitin does not provide an option for group submission

A work around is to identify a lead student and request they submit on behalf of the Group. However grades and feedback will only be released to the individual student who submitted the assignment on behalf of the group and feedback and grades must be shared by the lead student with other members of the group and manually entered in the Grades for each student.

The LEO Assignment has a group assignment option. When marking a LEO assignment with group selected, the feedback and grades will be released to all students in the group automatically. For more information about the LEO assignment refer to. LEO Assignment: How to set up a group assignment.

Intermittent issue with Feedback Studio freezing

  • not able to save comments
  • not able to open previously saved comments
  • not able to record audio

The intermittent nature of problem makes it very difficult to diagnosis. Freezing can be more likely when marking in a unit with large cohort of students e.g. 400 or more. Using the filter options to reduce the number of students displayed in the submission inbox may help. Also if you are adding comments, wait for the it to automatically save before adding more comments.

Recommendations include filtering for your group using separate groups, trying a different browser, or converting to 'Turnitin Classic View':

Turnitin Classic view

If the issue is ongoing, report to LEO support.

When opening a student submission, displays an M14.11 error

Turnitin has suggested that this error indicates Turnitin could not fully process the paper due to the following reasons:

Turnitin submission M14 error message

  • A paper can fail to process correctly if it contains complex content such as images which take too long to process. To work around this issue the student is advised to replace any vector images (Examples of Vector graphics are: AI, EPS, WMF and PICT (Mac)) in their paper with images (jpg/jpeg, psd, png, tiff, bmp and gif).
  • Some PowerPoint template files may include vector images or text in dialogue boxes. To work around this the student is advised to change image files or convert their PPT to PDF if text in dialogue boxes are included.
  • Use of a third party pdf converter.
  • Also, Turnitin have suggested that if the first page of a paper includes an image without text, the processing is sometimes aborted which makes the paper inaccessible.
  • Files that include text with visual effects such as 3D glow or shadow or animations.
  • The file is password protected.

Prior to submission deadline

Depending on the error, converting to PDF and resubmitting should work. However some file submissions may include more complex formatting issues and the student would need to view and correct these before resubmitting.

Post date

Delete the student submission from the submission inbox. Request student make required changes before resubmitting or request the student submit to an extension assignment.

Blank template

If a student has not submitted a file to Turnitin, a blank template can be used to provide feedback.

The grading template allows the instructor to use the Feedback studio features such as QuickMarks or Rubrics/Grading forms to provide feedback to students' who have not submitted.

To generate the blank template click on the grey 'pencil' icon next to the students name, under the 'grade' column.

Turnitin blank feedback template

Notify non-submitters

In the submission inbox click on 'notify non-submitters' to send a notification reminder via email.

Allow multiple submissions before the due date

The Turnitin assignment allows students to submit multiple times before the due date/time, to review the originality report and improve the quality of their submission. Students can submit three times within 24 hours. On the third attempt the student will need to wait 24 hours for an originality report to generate, during this time the submission will remain in a 'pending' status.

Allow late submissions

If 'allow late submissions' is set to 'Yes' in the Turnitin assignment settings, those students who have not submitted will be able to submit late. Any late submissions will be marked in red.


Turnitin assignment grades are numerical and cannot include decimal points or letters. If your assessment includes decimal points you may prefer to add these manually via the Gradebook.

Numerical grades entered in the Turnitin Assignment document viewer can be displayed as letters in your Grades section.

Turnitin pushes the Grade from the Turnitin assignment through to Grades. If you manually add grades in Grades they will not appear in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox.

Why educators love Turnitin

Why Educators Love Turnitin from Turnitin on Vimeo.

Turnitin Feedback Studio walkthrough

Turnitin Feedback Studio Walkthrough from Turnitin on Vimeo.

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