Unlike the LEO Assignment activity, there is no simple and elegant solution to dealing with individual extensions for a Turnitin Assignment, especially when a student has already submitted a draft and then needs to resubmit. after the due date

Changing the due date reopens the assignment for all students. If this done after the due date it can also impact the indexing and comparison against other student submissions in the class on the specified date and time

By default, students who have never submitted can submit late at any time.

There are various options for you to consider how to manage extensions and allow resubmission after the assignment due date.

Ensure settings in your Turnitin assignment allow late submissions. This is a default and recommended setting and will allow students with an extension to submit after the due date.

Workflow  What to consider
  • Lecturer creates a Turnitin assignment.
  • Lecturer ensures ''Allow late submissions after the due date' is set to the default option 'Yes".
  • Inform students about late submissions and extension policies.
  • Students who have never submitted will be able to submit once, after the due date and time.
  • Late submissions will be marked in red.
  • The 'allow late submissions after the due date' is available to the whole class.
  • Only those students who have never submitted will be able to submit once after the due date
  • This option does not apply to those students who have already submitted before the due date.

How to set the 'allow late submissions after the due date' in the Turnitin assignment settings.

  1. Create a new Turnitin assignment (see How to create a Turnitin assignment for further information).
  2. Under "Originality report" the default setting 'Allow late submissions after the due date' is set to 'Yes'.

The lecturer manually deletes the student assignment submission and the student resubmits.

Workflow What to consider
  • Lecturer deletes the student submission.
  • Lecturer contacts student and requests they resubmit.
  • The resubmits and informs teacher.
  • Lecturer locates student new submission once originality report is generated.
  • When an assignment is resubmitted, the submission date will change to the most recent submission date.
  • Academics need to be aware of date change for resubmission.
  • The problem could be linked to the assignment file type, formatting that are not acceptable by Turnitin. In these cases resubmitting will not fix the problem. The student would need to review and mark changes before resubmitting.

How to manually delete student submission from the Turnitin submission inbox, prior to the due date.

  1. Click on the Turnitin assignment in the LEO unit.
  2. In the Turnitin assignment submission inbox locate the student submission.
  3. Click on the 'trash' icon next to the students name to remove the assignment from the submission inbox.
  4. Once 'OK' is selected the process is immediate and the submission is removed.
  5. Each student submission has a unique paper id, when the delete process is complete a message will appear with confirmation.
  6. Notify the student when the assignment is removed.

IMPORTANT: this process will only delete the assignment from the submission inbox, it will not delete from the Turnitin database where the original file is stored. Resubmitting will replace the previous version with the new version. If the student has submitted the wrong assignment to the wrong unit, contact LEO Support for telephone or email-based LEO technical support and request the paper id is permanently deleted from the Turnitin database.

Add an additional Turnitin assignment activity labelled e.g. Assessment 1 Approved extension. You may also consider creating a group for students granted an extension and using the restrict access feature to limit submissions for students granted an extension.

Workflow What to consider
  • Create an additional extension assignment.
  • Set the extension start, due and post date.
  • The resubmits and informs teacher.
  • Instruct students to submit to extension assignment.
  • If the student submitted an earlier draft and resubmits to the extension, it will match with their previous version.
  • The two Turnitin assignments with appear in Grades.
  • Consider using restrict access to ensure only those students granted an extension can submit.

How to create additional extension Turnitin assignment

  1. Create a new Turnitin assignment.
  2. In the assignment title ensure the term 'APPROVED EXTENSION" is added.
  3. Enter extension due date and post date.
  4. Attach rubrics or grading forms as required
  5. If the extension is linked to a group e.g. campus add the group under the restrict access option in the Turnitin settings..

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