The question bank can be found under Unit administration towards the bottom of the list The question bank is a repository within LEO, which allows teaching staff to create, preview, and edit Quiz questions, which are then stored in ‘categories’.

Questions stored in a question bank can be added to both the Lesson activity, and to the Quiz activity.

You can access the question bank by navigating to a particular unit, then to the 'Administration' menu Unit administration > Question Bank.

Alternatively, if you have already added a Quiz to your LEO unit, you can find your Question Bank by clicking on your Quiz, then navigating to the Administration block (which has now become the ‘Quiz administration’ block) and clicking on Question bank ([title] Quiz > Administration > Question bank).

The question bank allows you to develop a bank of Quiz questions over time, as opposed to creating them ‘from scratch’ every time you add a Quiz or Lesson activity to your LEO Unit.

Scope of the question bank

Question banks sit at a unit level. Questions created in one unit cannot be 'shared' with another unit BUT question banks can be copied so that the questions can be used in more than one unit.

Questions in a question bank can be used in multiple Quizzes and Lessons in the same unit.


Questions in a question bank are categorised. You can create as many categories or sub-categories as you like. For example, you might have a category, "Mid-semester quiz" with sub-categories of, "Knowledge Questions", "Understanding Questions" and "Skills-based Questions".

For more information about categories refer to Question categories

Exporting questions

Question banks, or just a single category of questions (including its sub-categories), can be exported as a file, and then imported into a different unit

  1. From the 'Administration' menu in a unit, select Unit administration > Question bank > Export.
  2. Choose 'Moodle XML format'. Exporting in other formats will work but may not bring all the items in a question across such as formatting and images.
  3. Click the 'Export questions to file' button.
  4. A file will download to your computer that you can use to import into other units or share with a colleague.

Importing questions

If you have a file that has been exported using the steps above, it can be imported into a unit using the steps below. Please note that you will need to know the format that the file has been exported as.

  1. Log into LEO and navigate to your unit where you would like to upload the questions.
  2. Navigate to the Administration block, click on 'Question Bank'. Then click 'Import'.
  3. Select 'Moodle XML format' for the 'File format' (assuming this is the format the file was exported as).
  4. Click on 'General' to expand the heading, then select the appropriate category for your questions to go into from the dropdown options provided. If you would like to use the categories saved within the file, leave the 'Get category from file' checked, otherwise uncheck this option.
  5. Click on 'Import questions from file' and then click on 'Choose a file' to open the LEO file picker. Locate the file on your computer or device and click on 'Upload this file'. The file will appear as a link in the field.
  6. Click 'Import'
  7. In the next screen you will be able to see if your import was successful, and how many questions you have imported. If the information is correct, click 'Continue'.
  8. Your questions are now accessible from within your question bank.

It is recommended that you create multiple categories within your Question Bank in order to ensure that your question types are evenly distributed when you choose to randomly draw questions from your Question Bank (for example you wouldn’t want one student to randomly receive all 'True/False' type questions, while another is assigned all 'Essay type questions).

New question types

The new questions types include 'select missing words','drag and drop text'; 'drag and drop markers' and 'drag and drop image'


For more information about the new question types see:

Gieseke, J. n.d.. Best practices: Three tips for making the most of Moodle’s Question Bank. [Blog] Blackboard Open LMS. Retrieved from

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