The Quiz activity within LEO allows you to limit the ways and times in which your students are able to access and complete a Quiz activity. For example, you can set both the day, and time in which your students are able to access the Quiz, the closing date of your Quiz (when it is no longer accessible to students), and how long your students have to complete the Quiz. These are particularly useful functionalities if you are using the Quiz activity for the purposes of assessment.

  • To learn more about advanced Quiz settings such as those mentioned above, please see our LEO Guide: 'How to set up a Quiz'

However sometimes you may have a student, or group of students who have been approved for Special consideration. This Special consideration can take many forms depending on the kind of assessment task the student has claimed Special consideration for. It can include things such as allowing your student extra time to complete an assignment.

When it comes to the Quiz activity, you are able to change the settings for an individual student, without compromising the settings for the rest of the students within your LEO Unit. This is called adding a 'User override'.

Sometimes you may have a group of students who require the same changes or considerations given to them. For example, you may have a group of students you wish to grant additional time to complete the Quiz. OR you may want them to grant them the ability to complete the Quiz after the due date has already passed. If you have a set of students who meet the same criteria, rather than granting them all individual User overrides, you may like to think about granting them a Group override.

  • NOTE: Before you are able to grant a Group override to your set of students, you will need to add them to a Group. To learn more please read our LEO Guide 'Groups and Groupings

To add a Group override to a Quiz you will need to:

  1. Click on the Quiz from within your LEO Unit
  2. Navigate to the 'Administration' block, which has now become the 'Quiz administration' block
  3. Click on 'Group overrides', then click on 'Add group override' (if there are no available groups in your Unit, you will get a red error which says "There are no groups in this unit")
  4. All of the groups available in your LEO Unit will be available in the dropdown menu next to 'Override group'

After your group has been selected, you are able to change the Settings for just the members of this group. The other students enrolled in your LEO unit will not be affected.

Available overrides include:

Require password

Enabling this setting would force the memberts of this group to enter a password before being able to access the Quiz.

Open the quiz

Editing the dates under the 'Open the quiz' section will change when the Quiz opens for the members of the group you have selected.

Close the quiz

Editing the dates under the 'Open the quiz' section will change the closing date for the Quiz, for the members of the group you have selected.

Time limit

This is the most commonly used override. You would edit this setting if you wanted to allow the members of your group more time to complete the Quiz than the rest of the cohort.

Attempts allowed

You are able to edit the number of attempts the members of your group are able to make at this Quiz.

NOTE: you are able to reverse any of these settings at any time by clicking on 'Revert to quiz defaults' from the 'Group override' page.

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