If you need to add a link to an Adobe Connect meeting room or recording you've made previously to your LEO unit, you can do this by inserting a URL web link in your LEO unit.

How to get the web link to a room or recording

  1. Navigate to https://webconf.acu.edu.au in your web browser and use your ACU login details to access the system.
  2. Click the "Meetings" tab in the top main menu. This will show a list of meetings that you have access to:
  3. Click the name of the meeting room you want to access:
    click meeting name
    You will be taken to a page that shows the meeting room information.

To get the web link to an Adobe Connect meeting room:

  1. Copy the web address listed as the "URL" on the meeting room information page:
    meeting room address

To get the web link to a saved recording:

  1. Click the 'Recordings' link the meeting room sub-menu:
    click recordings
  2. Click the name of the recording you want to link to:
    recording name
  3. From the recording information page, copy the web address listed as the "URL for Viewing":
    viewing url

How to add the web link to your LEO unit

There are several ways you can make an Adobe Connect link available in your unit:

  • The URL Resource
    You can use the URL resource tool to create a web link in your LEO unit to your meeting room or a saved recording. This can be useful to provide a permanent link to a regularly used meeting room in your online unit, or to create a link to a specific week's recorded online session.
  • In the Text Editor
    The text editor is used in many different LEO activity and resource tools, and you can insert web links directly into the text editor. You could add your Adobe Connect link in many different places, such as in a Label, Book, Page or any other tool where the text editor is used.
  • In a Forum Post
    If you use LEO Forums in your unit, you may find that making a new post that includes the link to a recording to be the most effective way of reaching your students.
  • Via direct email or a use a LEO messages
    You may choose to directly send your link by pasting it into an email or message.

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