Adobe Connect sessions can be recorded to be viewed at a later time.

record meeting option in meeting menu How to record the live classroom or webinar

When inside the Adobe Connect session, the host can start recording at any time:

  1. From the 'Meeting' menu, select 'Record Meeting'
  2. Enter a Name and Summary for the recording and click 'OK'.
    The recording will begin and continue for as long as you wish.
  3. To end the recording, select 'Stop Recording' from the 'Meeting' menu.
    You can also choose 'Pause recording' and 'Resume recording' if you need a break.

When you stop recording, it may take a few minutes for the completed recording to be available in your unit. Note that you can make as many recordings in a room as you like. Rooms are not automatically recorded; you must begin the recording manually.

How to access recordings in the Web Manager

Recent recordings of Adobe Connect meetings that you make will be available in the web manager by viewing the "Recordings" panel on the home page immediately after logging in.

You can also find recordings links by accessing the Recordings section of your meeting room information.

  1. Navigate to in your web browser and use your ACU login details to access the system.
  2. Click the 'Meetings' tab in the top main menu. This will show a list of meetings that you have administrative rights over (they "belong" to you):
    click meetings tab
  3. Click the name of the meeting room you want to access:
    click meeting name
  4. Click the 'Recordings' link from the meeting room sub-menu:
    click recordings
    Here you will then see a list of your recordings. By default, all new recordings are set as Private, meaning no one but yourself has access to view them. To allow students access to a recording, you must first make it Public. The current state of a recording can be seen as a padlock icon that is either locked (private) or unlocked (public).
  1. Check the box for the recording, then click 'Access Type' button:
    click access type
  2. Set option to 'Public' and click 'Save':
    set to public

You may optionally use the Set Passcode option here, which will allow you to enter a password that will only allow those with that password the ability to view the recording.

Note: you can only set one recording at a time to Public – you cannot check the boxes of multiple recordings and set them all to Public at the same time.

  1. Click the name of the recording to view its details:
    click name of recording
  2. Copy the "URL for Viewing" address:
    url for viewing

This address can now be shared with your students to allow them direct access to view the recording, either as a URL activity link in your unit, or included as part of a direct email or forum post.

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