For use of Adobe Connect in LEO, the Adobe Connect External Tool Activity is the preferred way for creating and managing meeting rooms. However, the Adobe Connect Web Manager allows you to create rooms, edit existing rooms, and retrieve recordings to share with your students. To compare the advantages and disadvantages of using the LTI functionality versus accessing Adobe Connect directly, see this comparison table.

Note: how each faculty manages Adobe Connect directly varies, therefore it is recommended that you contact your Faculty eLearning representative before using Adobe Connect for online teaching.

How to log in to the Adobe Connect web manager

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Use your ACU login details to access the system.

Note: sections of this site require you to have Adobe Flash plugin installed and active.

My Meetings and My Recordings

After login, you will see a My Meetings panel, which is a list of all meeting rooms you currently have a role in (either as a Host or Participant). The home page is a quick way to access your rooms and recordings and is useful when looking for recently used or created content:

web conference filters

There is a list of filters you can use to sort the list of rooms:

  • All / Host / Presenter / Participant: filter by your role in those rooms.
  • Created by me: show only rooms you have created yourself.

You can also click on the My Recordings tab to see a list of all available recordings, and filter based on a key word search, or view just recordings you made yourself.

edit details quick link How to quickly view and edit the details of an existing room

Find the room you wish to edit from the list of your rooms and click it to highlight it. Three buttons will appear on the right of that row:

  • Information: click the "Info" button (the "i" icon) to quickly view information about that meeting, including the web link to the meeting room.
  • Edit: click the "Edit" option (the pencil icon) to quickly open the meeting details page to make changes.
  • Open: click the "Open" button (the paper plane icon) to open the meeting room in Adobe Connect.

How to access your full meeting rooms list

You may wish to access your already existing meeting rooms to change information about them, or retrieve links to rooms or recordings.

  1. Click the "Meetings" tab in the top main menu. This will show a list of meetings that you have administrative rights over (they “belong” to you):
    click meetings tab
  2. Click the name of the meeting room you want to access from the list of rooms:
    click meeting name
  3. A menu will appear that will allow you access editing, content and reporting functions for that room:
    meeting info menu

Note: meetings rooms you have created using the LTI activity will not appear in your user folder. You will have to navigate to the Shared Meetings folder, then look for the meeting by the name you've given it.

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