Screenshot of the activity picker in LEO, with Lesson highlighted

To add a Lesson activity to your LEO unit:

  1. Navigate to your unit from within LEO.
  2. Click 'Turn editing on'
  3. Scroll down to the section in your LEO site you would like to add the Lesson to, then click on ‘Add an activity or resource’. From the options given under the ‘ACTIVITIES’ heading select ‘Lesson’ and then click on ‘Add’. In the new page that opens up you will be able to edit the settings for your Lesson activity.
  4. At minimum, you will need to give your Lesson activity a name. However it is also useful to enter text in the ‘Description’ text box, so that your students know what the Lesson is about, or the reason they are being asked to complete it. Click on the box next to ‘Display description on unit page’ if you would like the description to be visible from the main page of your LEO unit.
  5. Once you have selected your settings as appropriate, click on ‘Save and return to unit’ to return to the main page of your LEO unit.

It is best practice to map your Lesson activity out visually, before you start to develop it within LEO. You can use pen and paper, post-it notes, the ‘SmartArt’ function in Word, or any number of free cloud-based mind-mapping programs to help you design the activity (we recommend MindMup but there are lots of options to try).

It is also a good idea to ‘hide’ your Lesson activity from the students in your LEO Unit while the activity is being developed. To hide the Lesson activity from your students:

  1. Click on ‘Turn editing on’.
  2. Navigate to your Lesson activity, and click on the ‘Edit’ icon.
  3. Click on ‘Hide’ (the 'eye' icon).

Just remember to ‘Unhide’ the activity when it is ready!

In this section we will explore the options which are unique to the Lesson activity.


File pop-up

You can choose to upload a file (for example a PDF) which will ‘pop up’ at the beginning of the Lesson. Every page will have the option to reopen the pop-up file if necessary.

Progress bar

A progress bar will display how far the student has navigated through the activity.

Display ongoing score

The student’s current score will be displayed.

Display menu

The student will see a list of all of the pages available in the activity. You should not enable this option if you are creating a 'choose your own adventure' activity, or one where the students are able to navigate through multiple pathways.

Minimum grade to display menu

This setting determines whether a student must obtain a certain grade before being able to view the Lesson menu. This forces the student to go through the entire lesson on their first attempt.


The lesson is displayed as a slideshow.

Maximum number of answers

Specifies the total number of answers available in the Lesson activity.

Use default feedback

If enabled, when a response is not found for a particular question, the default response will default to "That's the correct answer" or "That's the wrong answer".

Link to next activity

If enabled, this setting will place a link at the end of the Lesson activity to another activity within your LEO unit.

Flow Control

Allow student review

Students are able to navigate through the Lesson from the first page.

Provide option to try a question again

If the students gives an incorrect response, they are given the option to attempt the question again.

Maximum number of attempts

Specifies maximum number of attempts a student is able to make per question. When reached, the student is automatically navigated to the next page of the Lesson.

Action after correct answer

After answering a question correctly, there are 3 options for the following page:

  • Normal - Follow lesson path
  • Show an unseen page - pages are shown in a random order with no page shown twice
  • Show an unanswered page - pages are shown in a random order, with pages containing unanswered questions shown again

Number of pages to show

This setting specifies the number of pages shown in a lesson. It is only applicable for lessons with pages shown in a random order (for example when "Action after correct answer" is set to "Show an unseen page" or "Show an unanswered page"). If this option is set to zero, then all pages in the Lesson activity will be shown.

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