The Quiz activity has an inbuilt reports functionality, meaning you can review the overall performance of your students. There are two kinds of reports you can generate using the Lesson activity: 'Overview' and 'Detailed statistics'.

Overview report

Clicking on the Overview report will allow you to view the general statistics for your Lesson activity, including average score, average time, highest score, and lowest score. You are also able to click on any attempts made by students for the purposes of viewing a student's responses to specific questions, or in order to delete their attempt to allow them to complete the Lesson activity again.

Detailed statistics

Clicking on Detailed statistics will bring up a more detailed analysis of each question within your Lesson activity.

To access the reports generated by your Lesson activity you need to:

  1. Click on your Lesson activity from within your LEO unit
  2. Click on the 'Reports' tab
  3. Click on either 'Overview' or Detailed statistics' to view the Report

screenshot of the options available to you in a Lesson activity. 'Reports' is highlighted

Moodle 3.5 Lesson activity

LEO Guide: How to set up a Lesson

LEO Guide: How to add a question page to a Lesson activity

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