A useful feature of Equella is the ability to create new versions of your resources, while still keeping the old versions stored in the background. Equella allows you to edit the current version, create a new version, or even revert to an older version of the item if you need to. This is referred to as Version Control.

A link to an Equella item or resource from LEO will always open the most recent version, meaning you can update the item without having to update the link in your unit. Users will always get the most up-to-date version of your content.

Item management options

Access the version control options by finding the item in Equella using Browse or Search, then clicking the 'Details' tab on the Item Summary screen:

The item details and options

Create a new version

If you need to update the content of an item, it is usually best to 'Create a new version', especially if you are making significant changes to the item resources. Creating a new version makes a copy of the existing content, which you can then make changes to (add, delete, or modify resources). Later, if you wish to go back to an older version, the content will be just as it was in that previous version.

Select 'Create a new version' under the Details tab. This will open the Add Content interface, where you can edit the item details such as the Title and Description. You can modify, replace, delete or add new resources using the links under the "Choose the type of resources you wish to upload" section:

Click the Edit link for a resource

When you are finished, select the 'Save' button. When a popup box appears asking you to confirm your changes, select the 'Publish' button.

This newer version of the item will be saved, and any links in your LEO unit will automatically point to it. The older version of the item becomes part of its Archive, and the new one is labelled Live.

Edit this version

The process for editing the existing version is the same as creating a new version. Click the 'Edit this version' link and use the 'Add a resource', 'Edit', 'Replace', and 'Delete' links to modify item resources, then select 'Save'.

Making updates in this way will overwrite the content in the current version, meaning that you will not be able to revert to a previous version if you need to. Editing the current version is usually best if you are making minor changes, such as correcting errors or adding missed documents.

Restoring a previous version

If for whatever reason you need to revert the item and its resources to an older version of the content, you can restore an older version so that all LEO links to that content will use the older version instead. To do this, you need to make the previous version "Live", and "Archive" the current version. In this example, we will make the item's version 2 live, and archive the current version, 3.

  1. Under the Details tab, select the 'Show All' link next to the text "Version: 3". This will display a list of all previously saved versions of your item.
    The Show All versions link
  2. Select the Title of the version you wish to restore (in this example, version 2):
    Select the item version from the list
  1. Select the 'Details' tab to see the item options for version 2.
  2. Select the 'Make this version live again' link. The message "Successfully made live." will appear above the item's summary page.
  3. Select the 'Show All' link next to the version number again. When the list reappears, you will notice that both versions 2 and 3 are live. At this stage, the Equella resource link in your LEO unit will display the latest "live" version of your Equella item's resources (in this case, version 3 will be displayed since it is newer than version 2).
  4. Select the Title of version 3.
  5. Select the 'Details' tab and click the 'Archive this version' link.

Now that version 3 is archived and version 2 is live, any LEO links to this item's resources will open version 2 instead of version 3. LEO will always open highest numbered version (i.e., the latest version) that has a Live status.

Delete this version / Archive this version

If you no longer have need of an item, you can delete it or store it indefinitely in the archive.

Select 'Delete this version' if you want to permanently remove the item. Only do this if you are sure you will not need the item resources again. Deleted versions are not retrievable. If you think you may need to restore resources for use in the future, select 'Archive this version' to archive the item instead.

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