Once you have used the manage resources item search to find the Equella items you wish to edit, you can select one or more resources at a time from you search results to perform a bulk action on.

Select a single item

To select items one at a time, simply click the 'Select' button associated with that item in the search results:

Selecting a single item using the Select function

This will highlight the item in the search results so you can easily identify already selected resources. Your items will stay selected as you move between pages of search results, but not if you leave the Manage Resources section.

You can unselect any selected item using the 'Unselect' button that replaces the Select button in the search results when that item is selected.

Select all items matching your search

Alternatively, you can select all items matching your search terms and filters by clicking the 'Select all results in this search' link in the Selection panel on the search results page:

User using the Select all option in the Selection panel

This function selects all items matching your search from all pages of search results.

Reviewing your selected items

The Selection panel shows you the number of items currently selected and provides a number of functions depending on whether you have items selected or not:

Review of the selection panel and options
  • 'View selected results' displays a summary of the selected items that will be affected by any actions you perform and allows you to deselect individual items from the summary using the 'x' icon for any item
  • 'Unselect all results' unselects any items you have selected
  • 'Select all results' selects all items in your search results

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