You can search for the items in your collections that you wish to manage in one of two ways:

Basic text search

At the top of the Manage Resources page is the search field. To run a basic keyword search:

1. Enter your search keywords in the text search box in the search panel

2. Click the 'Search' (magnifying glass) icon, or press Enter on your keyboard:

Optionally, If you have access to more than one collection, you can select a specific collection to search from the drop-down list under the text search box before clicking the search button.

When the page reloads, the search results will display under the search panel on this page. You can then select one or more items from the search results.

Filter options

You can also use the filters to find items in your collection. If you have already run a keyword search, the filters will show items that match your keyword search and chosen filters. Alternatively, you can skip the keyword search and filter all items in the collection.

1. Click the 'Filter' button in the Results bar, which is located under the Search panel:

Filter button is top right between Sort and Share

2. Apply a filter from the options available. Filters automatically update on the page when selected, and modify the search results displayed under the filters panel. You can then select one or more items from the search results.

Filter by owner

To show only the items owned by a specific user, click the 'Select User' button, search for a user by name using the 'Search' option in the popup box, then click the 'Select this user' button to close the popup box and apply the filter.

Filter by date modified

To view only items that were last modified on, after, before or between specific dates, choose an option from the drop-down list, then set a date in the date field(s) using either the calendar button or by typing in a date manually (note: dates in Equella are entered in the MM/DD/YYYY format).

Filter by status

To see only items that are of a specific status, such as Drafts or Live items, choose the status from the 'All Statuses' drop-down list.

Removing filters

To remove one specific active filter, click the 'Clear' button located next to that filter's options:

If you wish to clear all filters you have active, click the 'clear filters' link located in the Search panel above the filters panel:

Note: the "Filter by subscription end date" and "Filter by purchased" filters are not used in ACU's Equella environment.

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