You can add resources from an Equella item into your LEO unit using the Equella browser. Remember that an Equella Item can be thought of as a "folder" that you use as a collection of resources to embed in your LEO unit.

In your LEO unit, click the 'Turn Editing On' button, then click the 'Add an activity or resource' link in the unit section. From the popup window choose the 'Content' type and then click the 'Add' button.

If you have just saved a new item, you will automatically be taken to the Item Summary where you can choose resources from that item to add to your unit.

Search or browse for an Equella resource

If you need to find an existing resource, choose an option from the Equella browser menu:

The Equella item browser options
  • Click 'Search' to find a resource by searching for key words or phrases
  • Click 'Browse' to view all items sorted by faculty or by various categories
  • Click 'Favourites' to see items you have saved as your favourites
  • Click 'My resources' to choose from resources you have contributed

When you have found the Equella item containing the resources you want to add, click the title of the item to open the Item Summary:

The item title

Add resources into LEO unit sections

The Item Summary page will display two panels:

  1. A Summary panel with the details of your item and the resources within it. Beside the Summary is a Details tab with a list of possible actions relevant to the item (e.g., 'Edit this version', 'Create a new version'). The Details tab is hidden when you first view the Summary page.
  2. A unit sections list beside the Summary that shows the names of the sections in your LEO unit. You should be able to see the title of your LEO unit at the top of this list.
    The Equella item layout with sections on the right

To add a resource:

  1. Choose the unit section to add the resource to (under [Your LEO unit title] > [Section title]). In the above image, the Weekly Resources section is highlighted in yellow to indicate that it is selected.
  2. Click the corresponding 'Plus' sign for the resource you want to add (under Summary > Links to resources)
  3. Repeat this process to add more resources to your unit sections, as needed.

You will see a short animation of that resource being moved to the corresponding LEO unit section. Each LEO unit section will show a number to indicate how many resources you have added to it:

Sections with numbers to indicate added resources

To change what resources are being added to a section, click the section name. A popup window will appear, which allows you to individually remove one or more resources from that section.

There is also a plus sign above and below the list of resources. The plus sign above the list of resources adds a link to a page that is just a summary of all item resources. The plus arrow below the list of resources adds a Content Package containing all the item’s resources in a HTML viewer. Equella Content packages will be the subject of another LEO guide.

You can add resources to several sections at once if you like. When you are done, click the green 'Save' button to return to LEO.

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