Kaltura media storage agreement

To conserve storage space on the Kaltura Media Server, older and unused media will be flagged for deletion from the server by Kaltura after a certain amount of time of inactivity. This will apply to students and staff.

If you are a staff member, and have media in your units that is consistently being accessed by students from year to year that is being regularly played, this media should remain in your My Media and in any units where it is used indefinitely.

If you are a student, you should remember to download any video content (such as assignment submissions) that you wish to keep a permanent record of and store it locally on your computer or in cloud storage.

A piece of Kaltura media may be flagged for deletion if:

  • The video remains unplayed by anyone for two (2) consecutive years.

The media owner will be notified by email when a video is flagged for deletion:

  • By email, three (3) weeks before the media will be removed, and;
  • By email, one (1) week before the media will be removed.

Once a video has been flagged for deletion, it cannot be un-flagged. If you wish to keep the video, you will be required to login to LEO, navigate to your My Media library and download the video. You may then upload the video again and add it into your unit if you wish to reuse it for any purpose.

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