Depending on the settings you have selected, the Glossary tool within LEO can allow your students a tremendous amount of agency in the development of content. However there may be times when it is appropriate for you to 'vet' or approve the Glossary entries your students are contributing to your Glossary, before that content can be accessed by other students. Some reasons include:

  • The content is being used by students to revise for a Quiz, or other assessment task
  • You have enabled 'auto-linking' of the entries from your Glossary activity, meaning that an incorrect Glossary entry could be automatically linked to from a lot of different places within your LEO unit

You can enable or disable approval of Glossary entries from the settings page of your Glossary activity. To learn more, please read our LEO Guide - How to set up a Glossary.

To approve an entry in your Glossary you need to:

  1. Click on your Glossary from within your LEO unit. NOTE: You do not need to have editing turned on to do this.

  2. The number of entries which require approval will be available to you from this page as a link 'Waiting approval (5)'. [The number in brackets represents the number of Glossary entries which are awaiting your approval]. Click on this link.

  3. To approve an entry, click on the 'Approve' icon which is a green tick or checkmark.

  4. If an entry is approved by mistake, click on the 'Undo approval' icon, which is a circle with a line through it.

You are able to print out any of the entries which have been added to your Glossary. To print a Glossary entry, click on the printer icon at the top of the main Glossary page.

NOTE: Teaching staff in LEO always have access to a printer-friendly link. To make this link available to your students as well, you have to enable this on the settings page.

screenshot of the 'Printer friendly' link in Glossary

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