File resource in the list of resource typesTo add a File (for example a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, or Word document) to your LEO unit you need to:

  1. Click 'Turn editing on'
  2. Navigate to the section of your LEO unit you want to add the File to, then click on 'Add an activity or resource'
  3. From the options provided click on 'File' and then click on 'Add'
  4. Give your File a meaningful name. The name is what will be displayed in your LEO unit. Students will click on this name to access the File you have uploaded.
  5. You can either 'drag and drop' your File into the Content field, or click on the 'Add' icon to find the File on your computer or device. Note: You can also use the File functionality in LEO to link to Equella content by clicking on 'LEO content'.
  6. Click 'Save and return to unit' when you are done. Your File will now be displayed as a link from which ever section of your LEO unit you added it too.

If you are going to be reusing the same file in your LEO unit (for example a PDF) rather than uploading it multiple times, you may like to think about only uploading the file once, and linking to it from wherever you would like your students to access it from.

  • To learn more about adding links to your LEO unit, please read our LEO Guides: URL.

The File resource offers a lot of flexibility in how your content will be displayed. The settings which are unique to the File are explored in more detail below.


The options available to you in the 'Display' dropdown are:

  • Automatic - The best display option for the File will be selected automatically.
  • Embed - The File will be displayed in the page within LEO, below the navigation bar together with the File description.
  • New window - The File will be displayed in a new browser window with both menus and an address bar.
  • Force download - When the link is clicked on, the File will automatically download onto the computer or device the student is using.
  • Open - The File will be displayed in the browser window.
    In pop-up - The File will open in a new browser window without menus or an address bar. The size of this pop-up window is determined by you.

Pop-up width (in pixels)

This option is only relevant if you select 'In pop-up' from the 'Display' dropdown menu. Put a number into this field to determine the width in pixels of your pop-up window.

Pop-up height (in pixels)

This option is only relevant if you select 'In pop-up' from the 'Display' dropdown menu. Put a number into this field determine the height in pixels of your pop-up window.

Display resource description

This option is only relevant if you have entered a description for your File. For example, in the description you may like to put a reason why you have included this  File in your LEO unit, and what you would like your students to do with the content.

Use filters on File content

If you wish to embed a File such as an MP3 to your LEO unit, then select "all files" or "HTML files only",  from this dropdown menu. Note: this setting may cause problems for some Flash and Java applets. This setting is for Advanced LEO users only.

File resources in MoodleDocs

If you are interested in the File resource, you may also be interested in learning more about the Book resource. The Book resource is a series of sequential pages (or chapters) to display dynamic content.

Alternatively, if you are interested in creating a dynamic series of pages, non-sequential, with the added capability of embedded Quiz questions, learn more about the Lesson activity.

A Page resource is a dynamic webpage, where you can add text, images, embed video content from YouTube, Vimeo and Kaltura. It allows to attached files within the page where you can build a context around your content.

All these resources or activities use a text editor to enter text and add interactive elements to the resources and activities with your LEO unit.

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