To add a question to a Feedback activity you need to:

  1. Click 'on the link to your Feedback activity within your LEO unit (NOTE: you do not need to have editing turned on to add a question to a Feedback activity).
  2. Click on the 'Edit questions' tab.
  3. Select your question type from the dropdown under 'Content'. These question types are explored in more detail under the 'Other settings' section of this LEO Guide.
  4. In the new page that opens, edit your question as appropriate. You can also:
    • Select a 'Dependence item' from the dropdown. This means that access to this question is dependent on the student's answer in a previous question.
    • Enter a 'Dependence value'. This determines what the response will be from another question that will 'unlock' access to this question (for example "yes").
    • Select a number for 'Position'. The position you choose for your question will dictate the order in which it will appear in your Feedback activity
  5. Click 'Save question'. Repeat these steps until you have added all of the questions to your Feedback activity that you require.

You are able to 'preview' what your Feedback activity will look like, before you make it available to your students. To preview a Feedback activity, click on the 'Overview' tab, then click on the 'magnifying glass' icon to the right of the Feedback title.


There are a number of question types available within your Feedback activity. These are available to you from within the 'Edit questions' tab of your Feedback activity. These question types include:

Add a page break

This option will put a page break between questions.


A captcha is a test which deters automatic spamming of your Feedback activity by automated programs. This is unlikely to be necessary.


The Label operates the same way as a standard Label, in that it enables you to add spacing between questions, or to add links, embedded content, and multimedia elements to your Feedback activity.

Longer text answer

This option will add an open-text box to your Feedback activity.

Multiple choice

This option will allow you to add a multiple-choice question to your Feedback activity. You can select from 'Multiple choice - single answer', 'Multiple choice - multiple answers'. or 'Multiple choice - single answer allowed (dropdown list)'

Multiple choice (rated)

This option is similar to the option above, except that you can only select from the 'single answer' options. You are also able to give your multiple choice answers 'values' by entering a whole number into a field. This option is useful if you are looking to calculate averages across a cohort.

Numeric answer

This type of question must have a number as an answer. You must specify an acceptable range for this response.

Short text answer

This option lets you add a question which requires a single line response.

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