Add Feedback Activity
  1. Navigate to your unit from within LEO.
  2. Click 'Turn editing on'.
  3. Scroll down to the section in your LEO unit you would like to add the Feedback activity, then click on ‘Add an activity or resource’. From the options given under the ‘ACTIVITIES’ heading select ‘Feedback' activity and then click on ‘Add’. In the new page that opens up you will be able to edit the settings for your Feedback activity.

NOTE: Clicking on any of the section heading on the settings page will expand that section, allowing you to edit the settings as appropriate.  Alternatively, you can click on ‘Expand all' sections.

  1. You will need to give your Feedback activity a name. It is also useful to enter text in the ‘Description’ text box, so that your students know what the Feedback activity is about, and what you are surveying them about. Click on the box next to ‘Display description on unit page’ if you would like the description to be visible from the main page of your LEO unit.
  2. Once you have selected your settings as appropriate, click on ‘Save and return to unit’ to return to the main page of your LEO Unit, or ‘Save and display’ to start How to add a question to a Feedback activity

NOTE: More information about each of the settings is available under ‘Other settings’ section of this LEO Guide.

You can use an anonymous Feedback activity in your LEO unit, to support a flipped-learning approach in the classroom! Students can use the Feedback tool to ask questions which they are not comfortable asking in the face-to-face environment.

There are a few settings which are unique to the Feedback activity within LEO. The settings you select will alter the way your students are able to interact with the Feedback activity. These are explored in length below:

Questions and submission settings

Record user names

There are two options available in this dropdown menu:

  • 'Anonymous' - responses won't be linked to student names (i.e., the responses are anonymous to you, the teacher, as well), and
  • 'User's names will be logged and shown with answers'.

Allow multiple submissions

If you select 'Yes' from the dropdown menu, users will be able to submit feedback multiple times.

Enable notification of submissions

If you select 'Yes' from the dropdown menu, you will receive email notification of Feedback submissions.

Auto number questions

If you select 'Yes' from the dropdown menu, the questions in your Feedback activity will be numbered.

After submission

Show analysis page

If you select 'Yes' from the dropdowwn menu, your students will be able to view the analysis page.

Completion page

Any text you enter in this field will be made available to your students upon completion of the Feedback activity.

Link to next activity

You can enter the link (URL) of another activity within your LEO unit into this field. If you do so, your students will be taken directly to that activity upon completion of the Feedback activity.

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