You can use the External Tool activity in LEO to create a link to your automatic recordings. In Echo360, these recordings are referred to as "classes". For units that are automatically recorded by the lecture capture system, a list of current and future recordings should appear when linking to the unit.

Using this tool, you can link to a list of all your recordings (known as the Section Home) or make a new link for each individual recording.

Add the external tool activity to the unit

    User selecting the External Tool activity type
  1. Log in to LEO and navigate to your unit.
  2. Click the ‘Turn editing on’ button.
  3. Find the section where you want to add the recordings link and click 'Add an activity or resource'.
  4. Select the ‘External tool' then click 'Add'.

Customise the external tool settings

  1. Enter an Activity name for your link, for example, “Lecture Recordings” or "Classes".
  2. From the Preconfigured tool dropdown list, choose ‘Echo360 Lecture Capture’.
Choose the Echo360 preconfigured tool

Under the Privacy section of the settings, uncheck the ‘Accept grades from this tool’ checkbox (doing this will prevent the activity from appearing in Gradebook).

Uncheck Accept Grades option under Privacy
  1. Click the ‘Save and return to unit’ button.

You will be returned to the unit home page, where your new link now will be accessible.

Link to your unit

These last steps involve activating your new link so that it opens your unit home page in Echo360. If you cannot find your unit in the system, or you cannot access the system at all, please request assistance through Service Central.

  1. Click the link you created. Echo360 will open in a new window.
  2. Choose the unit to link to by:
    • Selecting your unit from the Course dropdown box (use the ‘Search’ option inside the dropdown to search by unit code).
    • Selecting a teaching term from the Term dropdown box (e.g. Semester2_2018).
    • Selecting a student cohort from the Section dropdown box (there may be one or several options here, depending on which campuses this unit is delivered).

User choosing course options

When you have successfully chosen a Course, Term, and Section from the dropdown boxes, the option to link to all unit content (Section Home) or a single class or recording (Classroom) will appear, as in the image above.

Link to the section home

This will make your link take students to a list of all existing and future classes and recordings for this unit:

  1. Click the ‘Link to the Section Home’ button to select it
  2. Click the ‘LINK CONTENT’ button.

You can use the External Tool activity to link to a single Class instead of the list of Classes. This will link to one recording or class in the unit. You can add the External Tool activity to your unit several times if you wish to make individual Class links.

In these cases, it would be better to give your link a more suitable name, such as “Week 2 Class”.

To link to a single class:

Follow the steps above to add an External Tool activity in your LEO unit. When you reach Step 11:

  1. Click the ‘Link to a Classroom’ button to select it. A list of all classes will appear below.
  2. Click any recording once to select it, then click the ‘LINK CONTENT’ button.

If you have linked to the wrong unit or the wrong Class, you can unlink the External Tool activity and start again:

  1. Click your External Tool activity in LEO to open Echo360.
  2. Click the 'Unlink LMS Course' button in the top-left corner of the screen:
User clicking the Unlink LMS Course button
  1. Confirm by clicking 'OK' when prompted. You will then be returned to the Choose a Section screen to create the link again.

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