Assignments can also be used as a means for students to submit Extension or Special Consideration applications. In essence, these are "Extension Drop Boxes" or "Special Consideration Drop Boxes" (or "SC Drop Boxes").

You can create Extension or SC Drop Boxes by following most of the steps in our guide How to set up an Assignment. However, instead of Step 8 on that guide, you will need to:

  1. Open the 'Grade' section of your drob box and change the Grade Type to 'Scale'.
  2. Select the Scale 'Not approved/Approved'. This Grade Scale setting allows you to indicate to the student whether you have approved their Special Consideration application.

NOTE: You must have Editing Lecturer access to a LEO unit in order to add an Assignment activity.

NOTE: If you are in the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine, change the Maximum grade to "0" (usually set to "100" by default) to prevent the drop box from creating problems with Grade calculations later on.

under Grade, type=Scale, Scale=notapproved/approved. If in NMP, set the maximum grade to 0

NOTE: When approving or not approving a student application, it is useful to ensure the checkbox 'Notify students' is ticked prior to selecting 'Save changes'. After you select 'Save changes', your student will receive an email or a LEO message  notifying them of your decision - this depends on their personal notification preferences in LEO.

notify students checkbox at the bottom of the Grade settings next to Save changes

All units in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine use both extension and special consideration drop boxes.

To ensure consistency in the management of these drop boxes, the School has developed:

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