Pointer clicking on example assignment link1. Click the 'Turnitin assignment link' in your LEO unit.

This will open the My Submissions screen. The top section of this screen displays information about the assignment, such as:

  • Start Date - from when you may submit
  • Due Date - when you must submit by
  • Post Date - when your grade will be made available to you
  • Rubric - click the icon under the Marks Available column to view the rubric for this assessment

Below this will be a list of any submissions you have made (and any relevant information and links).

2. To add a new assignment submission, click the 'Submit Paper' button.

Click submit paper

An pop-up window will appear for you to add your assignment submission:

Upload screen example

3. Enter a name for your submission in the 'Submission Title' box.

This should include your name, student number and assignment name (your tutor may have specific requirements).

4. Upload your assignment file. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. The Add file button graphic Click the 'Add File' button (shown right) then use the 'Browse' button in the File Picker pop-up window to navigate to the document stored on your computer. Or,
  2. Drag the file from the Explorer or Finder window and drop it into the area indicated by the large blue arrow surrounded by the broken grey line.

You will know when the file is uploaded, as a large document icon with the name of your file will appear in the 'File to Submit' window.

5. Tick "by checking this box..."  confirmation checkbox that confirms that this submission is your own work.

Confirm that you have completed the title, confirmation checkbox, and you have at least 1 document in the Files window. You can click the document icon in the Files window to change any details for the submission before you complete your upload.

6. Click the 'Add Submission' button to complete your submission.

Your file will upload and you should receive a message confirming that your submission has been uploaded to Turnitin. Click the 'Close' button in the top right corner, and you will be taken back to the My Submissions screen.

NOTE: click the 'Add submission' button once. Wait for the digital receipt pop up window to generate a paper id and confirm your submission was successful. Clicking the submit button multiple times will resend your submission to Turnitin and slow down the process.

Turnitin digital receipt

You should now see your new submission located in the submission information section:

Submission details

The first time you submit your Turnitin assignment a Similarity report should be generated within a few minutes. However if this is a second or subsequent submission it will take 24 hours to generate a new Similarity report and score. When the Similarity report is ready to view a percentage, with a related colour, will show the total amount of text matched by Turnitin.

The submission information section has a few links you should be familiar with:

  • Click the 'Submission title' to open the assignment in Feedback Studio and view your Similarity matches and tutor feedback
  • Click 'Submit Paper' (cloud with up arrow icon) to submit again
  • Click 'Download Paper' (cloud with down arrow icon) to download your submitted file

How to resubmit your assignment

Up until the due date, you may resubmit your assignment as many times as you wish.

Click the 'Submit Paper' link again and repeat the steps 3 to 6. When finished, your old submission will be removed and your new submission will replace it. Similarity reports for resubmissions take  24 hours and will show  a "Pending" status during this time.

Once the due date has passed you will not be able to resubmit your assignment, so be sure to leave enough time before the due date for the Similarity report to generate if you wish to submit again. If you wish to resubmit beyond the due date, you will need to contact your tutor to discuss options available.

File types that Turnitin accepts

If your Turnitin assignment setting requires a submission with selectable text eg most written assessment tasks, a Word document (or OpenOffice document) or PDF will be fine. However if submitting a PowerPoint document, image file or scanned PDF document your lecture will need to set the assignment to 'to allow any file type". There are also some file types that are not accepted by Turnitin (such as Apple Pages documents). See the full list of accepted file types if you are unsure. Your file must contain selectable text - any text in images cannot be read and will not generate a Similarity report

What to do if you get a submission error

If you get an error which prevents you from uploading, contact LEO technical support immediately for help. If it is close to the due date, contact your tutor and explain that you cannot upload your assignment.

Be patient when submitting

Your assignment document may take a few minutes to upload. DO NOT attempt to reload the page or click the 'Add Submission' button again. Just let it take as long as it needs to upload.

M14.11 Error

This error indicates some of the following may have occurred where Turnitin could not fully process your submission due to the following reasons

M1._11 error

  • A paper can fail to process correctly if it contains complex content such as dense vector images, which take too long to process. To work around this issue the student is advised to replace any vector images jpeg, tiff, gif.
  • A PPT submission with text in dialogue boxes
  • Word files with complex tables and diagrams

Prior to the assignment deadline

It is recommended you check your submission is corrected submitted by clicking on the similarity percentage. If you see an M14.11 error you will need to review your original file, make changes that are compatible with Turnitin and resubmit before the due date.

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