As an ACU staff member, you should be familiar with the disability services provided by ACU. If you need assistance with a student who has specific accessibility requirements, please contact the ACU Library about the accessibility services offered at each campus.

Why create accessible learning resources?

If you will be including Word or PDF documents as material resources for your students, you should consider the potential accessibility requirements of your students.

Making a text document accessible to those with vision or other impairments is made simply by following some simple rules for content, text and headings.

How to make Word documents accessible

There are a number other things that make Word documents accessible, which include:

  • Using Headings in a structured, meaningful way
  • Adding ALT text for images and descriptions for links
  • Use lists (numbered or bulleted) correctly
  • Run the Accessibility Checker tool in Word

For more detailed information, see the WebAIM Accessible Word guide.

How to make PDFs accessible

For more detailed information, see the WebAIM Accessible PDFs guide.

Web resources for information on accessibility
Learn about the fundamentals of web accessibility and access guidelines and resources.

Find general accessibility information and guides, plus resources and training options.

Vision Australia
This organisation's digital access consulting provides useful guides, training and workshops, as well as a Word accessibility tool to install on your computer, plus extensive information about Australia's digital accessibility standards and requirements.

Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

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