Before this can happen the spreadsheet needs to be formatted correctly and there needs to be a column which uniquely defines the students in the unit. Those items that are unique to each student are username, email address and LEO ID number. You cannot import marks based on name.

The best way to ensure the correct format and include a unique key, is to first Export grades as a spreadsheet.

Exporting a spreadsheet to manually enter grades

  1. From Grades > Export > Excel spreadsheet, tick just the one manual assessment item you would like to manually grade.
  2. Expand the 'Export format options' section.
  3. If you will be providing written feedback on the assessment, tick the 'Include feedback in export' checkbox.
  4. In most cases you will be importing the raw mark (whatever format you display to students) so tick the 'Real' checkbox only in 'Grade export display types'.
export spreadsheet without marks
  1. Click the 'Download' button.

Importing manual grades from a spreadsheet

Once you have filled your spreadsheet with the marks and/or feedback comments, it is time to import them into gradebook.

From Grades > Import there are two main choices - either to import as a CSV file, or copy and paste directly from an open spreadsheet on your computer. Either is fine.

  • A CSV file would be more appropriate if there are a large number students and the spreadsheet has many rows. Before you can import, you will need to save your spreadsheet in the CSV format.
  • Copying and pasting is fine and probably easier if the number of students is small.
  1. Once you have selected your CSV, or pasted in your data, click the 'Upload grades' button.
  2. LEO needs to identify which student relates to which row in the spreadsheet. In the 'Identify user by' section, select the column header from your spreadsheet and the type of unique key in LEO that it will map to. For example, email address or ID number.
identify user 
  1. In the 'Grade item mappings' section, use the drop down menus to determine which columns in the spreadsheet relate to which gradebook items. Keep the drop down value as 'Ignore' for those columns that do not relate to grade items.
  2. Click the 'Upload grades' button.
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