LEO GradebookGradebook can be configured and used in a large number of ways.

  • Hiding or showing the entire gradebook from students.
  • Hiding or showing individual activities.
  • Categorising activities, such as assessable and non-assessable.
  • Weighting activities.
  • Displaying grades or marks or both.
  • Combining marks.
  • Overwriting marks.
  • Adding comments.
  • Exporting and importing marks and grades to and from a spreadsheet.
  • With groups - so that tutors only have access to marks for those students in which they are allocated.
  • 'Gradebook setup' allows editing lecturers to access the gradebook setup directly

There is no universal policy on how gradebook should be used at ACU. Please talk with your school about how gradebook is used in your area.

Gradebook does not talk to Banner. At the end of semester, the grades from gradebook can be exported before moderation and uploaded into Banner, but there is no direct link between the two systems.

The following pages discuss ways gradebook can be configured and used. Please click through using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, or click directly to a page by using the menu.

In the Webinar Series the presentation 'Gradebook: myths, the responsibilities and keeping it simple' covers key features of Gradebook in LEO. Feel free to view the recording in conjunction with this content.

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