The Guidelines describe what staff need to know and do to embrace Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in their teaching practice. They outline key principles and clarify the intentions of each, along with their implications for practice. While not exhaustive, these guidelines aim to initiate discussion, collaboration and sharing among academic staff, in key learning areas.

The Guidelines were developed as a learning for life project through a wide consultative process that included key learning and teaching stakeholders such as faculties, library, ACU IT, eLearning LTC and Students Learning and Teaching. The guidelines were endorsed by Academic Board in December 2015.

LEO unit design

The unit design should support the provision of engaging, active learning experiences for a diverse range of students.

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The presentation of the unit should make it easy for all students to access and work with the LEO unit content, activities and assessments.

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Scholarship of learning and teaching

All teaching staff are encouraged to have an understanding of the scholarship of learning and teaching (SoLT).

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All communication within LEO, among staff and students, is intentionally designed to support learning and teaching and to facilitate high achievement of the unit learning outcomes.

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Learner support resources

As students have different levels of digital literacy, especially in a formal academic setting, they require support to participate effectively in their units.

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Assessment practices are designed to contribute to high quality student learning and underpin the development, delivery and quality assurance of units and courses.

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Learning & teaching

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