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PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology, first year
Dr Helen Aucote
Predominantly female school leavers


  • Using LEO lesson to create online modules to build lab report skills
  • Embedding 'flipped' tutorial elements
  • Building a unit iteratively

Hear about Helen's experience.

ACU Case study: Using online modules to scaffold lab report skills
Many thanks to the Faculty of Law and Business for the use of their Pop-up Studio equipment to record this interview.

Length: 7:30 mins.

Unit design

Helen's team noticed that some students were finding creating lab reports particularly challenging. Through several iterations of the unit, the team tried different approaches to support the students and improve outcomes. The approach that was most effective was embedding online lab report modules and tightly aligning these with an application task (lab report).

With a three-pillared approach to lab report writing:

  • Interactive online lab report writing resource: Understanding and application of knowledge related to the weekly topic
  • Weekly assessment task: Application and analysis of knowledge for the weekly topic in relation to the student' own lab report.
  • Interactive tutorial program: Synthesis and evaluation of knowledge.





Face to face lecture

2 hour

The lectures cover the theory content.

Asynchronous online

7 modules across the unit

Interactive online lab report writing resource
Face to face tutorial 1 hour In the tutorials activities are linked to building the skills touched on in the lab report preparation modules.


The lab report skill modules were tightly aligned to the tutorial activities and assessment tasks. The lab modules are a model for students’ assignment. So students have the opportunity to work on a task (assignment) that mimics the real assignment.

Assessment task

Weighting (%)


Weekly Activities


Each weekly activity is approximately an 80 word response to a question or task, that builds their lab report skills. Students complete the task before their tutorial.
Laboratory report 40% Lab report
Exam 40% 100 multiple choice questions

The above assessments may have been designed before the latest update to the ACU Assessment Policy. See Assessment Policy for up-to-date advice on designing your assessments.


This is a list of some of the major tools used in this unit.




LEO Lesson The LEO lesson tool was used to create 7 lab report skill modules. The modules contained content and comprehension questions, and these skills were then directly applied in the match week's tutorial. See LEO guide: Lesson.

Scroll through these slides to see example content from the Lab Report lessons.

Lessons learned

  • Unit design is iterative, you don't have to get it right first time but can keep improving each iteration.
  • Give it a go, see if it works.
  • Don't bite off too much as once, work through things slowly.
  • Even though it look time initially to create, now the content is saving time.

Student feedback

  • I think the unit has a very clear structure which I enjoy. Each tutorial provides a small piece of the lab report teaching which assists in putting together the lab report … I find it makes it easier to keep track and learn”.
  • The weekly activities are great!!!! They helped me a lot with writing my lab report
  • lots of interesting group activities and fun things to help learn by being involved makes classes much more enjoyable fun and the learning process overall better”
  • The was [sic] LEO was set out this semester for the lab report was very helpful for me. The use of breaking up different sections of it weekly and having examples to go by were very helpful and was able to answer many questions I wondered...”.
  • The little ‘tests’ required before accessing the weekly activities proved to be very helpful in completing the weekly activities”.

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