Identify your level of experience as an academic:

  • Are you new to your teaching role as a marker; tutor; lecturer, lab demonstrator or clinical facilitator?
  • Are you an experienced marker, tutor; lecturer, lab demonstrator or clinical facilitator?
  • Are you new to your role as a lecturer in-charge, unit or national team leader?
  • Are you an experienced lecturer-in-charge; unit or national team leader?

Select your level of experience:

New to teaching

If you are commencing your Higher Education teaching career, these are things useful to know:

Knowledge of learning and teaching:

  • What learning and teaching frameworks integrate with my discipline?
  • What are the expectations at ACU when preparing to teach a unit, plan learning activities and mark/return work?
  • What are the expectations of laboratory management, teaching and tutoring?
  • Where can I get help if I have concerns for student learning and welfare issues?
  • How can I build my knowledge and skills about using different technologies for teaching?

The Learning and Teaching Centre offers a range of professional development opportunities including face-to-face workshops, webinars, coaching or peer observation.

Technology-enhanced skills:

  • How can I improve my technology-enhanced learning (TEL) skills to improve my learning and teaching activities?
  • What technology support is available for my teaching?

The Learning and Teaching Centre provides a range of support resources including face-to-face workshops, webinars and short videos. For more information refer to LEO guides for staff; LEO workshops and eLearning 101 lunchtime webinars. Check with your school for faculty for specific professional development.

Here are some professional development programs and support resources that new teachers may find helpful.

Suggested academic professional development

ACU offers the following professional development for new academics to promote their career as a tertiary educator. Engaging in professional development enables academics to contribute directly to the development of a culture of excellence in learning and teaching.

Suggested technology-enhanced learning support resources:

ACU offers the following TEL support for new academics to develop confidence in using learning and teaching technology. Using and applying technology-enhanced learning support will improve and enhance your learning activities for students.

  • LEO guides for staff - online support resource to help you navigate the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) tools provided at ACU; specifically the learning management system LEO (Learning Environment Online).
  • LEO workshops - hands-on workshops to build your skills and knowledge in using LEO.
  • eLearning101 - lunchtime webconferences that will bring you up to speed on aspects of technology -enhanced learning.
  • Teaching Online course - self-paced modules cover online pedagogy, course design, teaching online and learning and teaching technologies.
  • Lynda - online library of high-quality instructional videos on the latest software tools and skills taught by industry experts.

Academic - taught before?

If you have a combination of professional and/or academic teaching experience in Higher Education; these things are useful to know:

Knowledge of learning and teaching

  • How does the learning and teaching framework integrate into my discipline?
  • How can I become involved in collaborations with others to improve my design and delivery of effective learning?
  • In what ways can I adapt and share knowledge, research informed teaching or experience with other academics at ACU?
  • How do I engage with others about student management issues and responsibilities?
  • Where can increase my knowledge of good practice design principles while at the same time integrate appropriate technology tools used at ACU?

The Learning and Teaching Centre and the teaching support in each faculty provide opportunities to engage in teaching development projects around current institutional and faculty priorities.

Technology-enhanced skills:

  • How can I share exemplars of good practice in units with others e.g. school meetings?
  • Where can I publicly showcase my learning and teaching experience to receive feedback?
  • Who do I contact if I want to become involved in groups focused on innovation in TEL?

The Teaching Criteria Standards and Framework guides academics in pursuit of excellence in learning and teaching. It includes

  • A structure for career planning
  • Preparation for performance review
  • Preparation for applying for promotion
  • Meeting probation
  • Applying for awards and grants
  • Collecting evidence of quality teaching for a teaching portfolio
  • Developing a reflective teaching practice 

The Learning and Teaching Centre also offers awards and grants; case studies and innovation to promote excellence in learning and teaching.

Strategies to share your experience with others

ACU offers the following scholarly opportunities to recognise staff and teams who have made an outstanding contribution to student learning and share excellence in teaching.

Strategies to share technology-enhanced and promote excellence in Learning and Teaching:

ACU offers the following TEL opportunities to share exemplars of learning and teaching excellence and improve and enhance your learning activities.

Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

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