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Introduction to learning and teaching self-guided resource

The ILAT self-guided resource can be used in a number of ways to help academics ease into their new role and can be accessed at any time prior to employment, after the ILAT workshop and during your employment as a teacher.


The aim of the self-guided resource is to enable academic teachers to prepare for their new roles. The ILAT program recognises the range of roles and experience new academics bring to their positions and allows academics to self-select resources and support they need at different times in a teaching period.

To continue your ILAT journey, select from the options.

Your experience

This section explores your academic teaching experience and helps you locate relevant information, identify needs and opportunities to develop and share your experiences

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Your preparation

This section explores the responsibilities and tasks required at different times of a teaching period. It is divided into four parts, from your offer of employment through to evaluation of teaching.

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Your role

This section explores your academic teaching role and helps you locate information related to professional develop, support and familarise yourself with the ACU academic community.

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Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

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