ILATIntroduction to Learning and Teaching (ILAT) forms part of a professional development pathway for teaching focused academics at the University. It is designed to provide academics new to ACU with essential information they need to get started on their journey.

The fundamental premise underpinning the ILAT program is valuing all academic staff and acknowledging the important contribution they make through scholarship, service and teaching. A core element of ILAT is to offer a process that supports academic development; including partnering with the faculties. the learning and teaching centre, the library, the office of student success and the other directorates of the university.

The aim of the ILAT program is to enable academic teachers to prepare for their new roles. As a student-centred university all staff share responsibility for student engagement, retention and success. ACU prides itself on building positive relationships between staff and students, assisting and working with them to achieve their academic aspirations and preparing them for the professions they will enter upon graduation and in the future.


ILAT is available as a self-guided online course. This course provides an opportunity for new academic staff to become familiar with learning and teaching at ACU. Please also find below some links to essential resources you will need as an academic at ACU.

Pathway 1: attend a face-to-face workshop Pathway 2: guide yourself through the self-paced resources

These workshops are available on request, subject to registration numbers and availability. The workshops enable new academics to meet and network and includes real-life learning and teaching scenario based activities. The learning and teaching centre offers these workshops in partnership with other support units at ACU, such as the library.

Participants will:

  • meet and network with new and experienced academic staff in your school and other faculties either face-to-face or in a virtual environment
  • locate and use support services for learning and teaching
  • find information on learning and teaching policies, procedures and student management
  • get an introduction to LEO (the learning management system used for learning and teaching at ACU).

What is the time commitment?

3 hours.

When is it available?

For inquires about face-to-face workshops of 10 participants or more, contact

The self-guided information kit provides suggested support resources and professional development tailored to your role and experiences. This includes links to learning and teaching policies and procedures to prepare you for different stages of a teaching period.

Participants will learn:

  • how to identify key colleagues, policies and standards that are relevant to your work
  • the knowledge you are expected to acquire, professional development and technology-enhanced learning support resources
  • key duties and resources required to meet the needs of your students at each stage of the teaching cycle.

What is the time commitment?

1-3 hours depending on the resources selected.

When is it available?

The online self-guided course can be accessed at any time.

View the ILAT self-guided online course

This program with enable participants to:

  • Find appropriate and helpful information to address questions that arise in the natural course of your academic teaching and learning activities through a semester (information includes policy, associated procedural requirements, details of how these procedures are operationalised at ACU, the names and roles of key contacts and support provisions).
  • Direct your efforts and activities in an informed, guided but self-directed way based on an understanding of the requirements of your academic role.
  • Apply an understanding of key principles of good practice that are embedded in ACU policies and procedures to your day to day responsibilities associated with your teaching and learning role.
  • Use LEO and other systems, plus the full range of administrative resources to advance the responsibilities of your teaching and learning role.
  • Collect and collate appropriate resources to build a profile demonstrating excellence in learning and teaching.


  • “I thought this seminar/workshop was well thought out and prepared. It was great! The presenter was welcoming, knowledgeable. She was an engaging as well as a supportive facilitator".
  • "I appreciated opportunities to discuss learning and teaching issues with colleagues valuable (where to find resources and support during the teaching period)".

How do I apply?

The online self-guided course can be accessed at any time without any need to apply.

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