The learning and teaching centre can help teams with course review and course development.

Customised workshops are available from our curriculum specialists. These can be requested by individuals or teams (with permission of their Heads of School).

Previous workshop topics include:

  • Curriculum design 101 and 201
  • Course review
  • Getting started on designing your curriculum
  • Mapping learning outcomes across the curriculum
  • How to write a course rationale

Who is it for?

Anyone involved with curriculum.

What is the time commitment?

Workshops are customised to the needs of the individuals and teams.

When is it available?

By request, dependent on curriculum specialist's availability.


  • "Just want to thank you ... for today’s workshop.  I’ve had a chat with the [school] staff that attended and we were all in agreeance that it was one of the best workshops we’ve participated in.  In particular, [the curriculum design 101] presentation.  It gave us a simple structure to consider, and plenty of food for thought.  We’ve already spoken of how we will revisit many of our units in an effort to improve them.  I think more workshops like this will only make life easier for everyone involved in curriculum development."
  • "An amazing sense of collaboration went into making these [workshops] such a success, and ... I am very pleased to have been part of this collaboration."
  • "Thank you all for your commitment to today's … workshop. It delivered beyond my expectations in so many ways and is a wonderful foundation for future staff development."
  • "Thanks again for your efforts – the workshops were incredibly engaging – still hearing staff talk about it!"
  • "Not only have you added clarity, but you've also made it 'feel' remarkably more achievable since."


For further information contact Dr Duncan Nulty or any other academic developers in the LTC.

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