2017 - Key Achievements

  • Won the Vice Chancellor’s Award for the following projects:
    • Teaching Support Program
    • Lecture Capture at ACU
    • Work Integrated Learning at ACU
  • In collaboration with FEA, FHS and MER, developed and ipmlemented of a Work Integrated Learning website (phase 1); launched by the Vice-Chancellor  in February 2017
  • Implemented a University-wide Lecture Capture solution in Semester 1 2017
  • Established an inTEL (Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning) Advisory Group to provide leadership and oversee guidance and support for technology enhanced learning innovation initiatives at ACU
  • Implemented the Professional Development Pathways Project
  • Led the design and development of LEO resources for academics on developing units and courses at ACU
  • Initiated ‘Using LEO’ project. Using actual LEO data, the project team generated and presented useful reports, that was showcased at the L4L Campus Briefing meetings in October 2017. This project will be piloted in Faculties in early 2018 and is expected to be rolled out across all Faculties by end 2018.
  • Supported the Research-Informed Learning and Teaching project, led by Professor David Spencer. Survey results have been finalised and submitted for consideration
  • Progressed the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Dashboard project; Requirement A: National Reporting; Requirement B: Student at Risk. Requirement A will be implemented in early 2018 (currently being implemented by EDWBI project team)
  • In collaboration with the Provost Office, led the design and development of Postgraduate Strategy Resources on the ACU learning and teaching website. Phase 1 was soft launched in December 2017
  • Conducted the Learning for Life Campus briefing meetings across ACU campuses in S1 & S2 2017, with over 200 staff attending each round
  • Initiated the national approach to cross campus consistency in curriculum delivery ACU project
  • Initiated the support for sessional staff project; expected to be implemented in 2018
  • Initiated the Review of Graduate Attributes Project; expected to be implemented in 2018
  • Continued to enhance and promote the ACU Learning and Teaching Website
  • Enhanced the communication with Faculties and University wide by:
    • Increased communication – regular staff bulletin articles, L4L school meetings, regular program updates, among others
    • Enhanced collaboration with IT, Facilities and MER
    • Supported the program External Evaluator to develop the second interim report on the evaluation of L4L

2016 - Key Achievements

2016 has been a pivotal year in the progress and implementation of Learning for Life. With the ongoing support and collaboration of the DVC (SLT) and Provost as well as Faculties, Information Technology, Marketing and External Relations (MER), among others, the Learning for Life team has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Launched an ACU Learning and Teaching website, offering staff a central location of Learning and Teaching resources to support their practice
  • Offered the Teaching Support Program to approximately 70 academic staff in both semesters 1 and 2, and will be offered again in 2017
  • Created a Lecture Capture pop-up class room at the North Sydney campus for staff to trial the new Lecture Capture Technology, Echo360 ALP
  • Currently implementing the university-wide Lecture Capture Recording software, Echo360 ALP
  • Developed the ACU Lecture Capture Policy (endorsed by Academic Board on 30 November 2016)
  • Supported over 50 academic staff in participating in Peer Observation and Review of Teaching (PORT) activities
  • Defined Blended Learning at ACU and created a new webpage containing resources to assist academics in understanding the three endorsed ACU study modes and LEO requirements
  • Further refined the Teaching Online program to provide a content-rich online course for ACU academics who want to learn more about teaching in online and blended units. Over 55 ACU staff are currently enrolled in Teaching Online Course modules
  • Operationalised the LEO Guidelines, available on the Learning and Teaching Website, to further assist staff in using the best resources to support their use of LEO
  • Developed a LEO Selector Tool to help academic staff to assess how their LEO Units are tracking against the LEO Guidelines
  • Developed a LANTITE-like Literacy and Numeracy test to support Faculty of Education and Arts students to prepare for their LANTITE test
  • Continued to roll out the e-health simulation across the ACU Campuses
  • Showcased some of the Learning for Life projects at the 2016 Learning and Teaching Conference, giving attendees the opportunity to meet the project facilitators and trial some of the new technologies developed through the projects
  • Conducted the ACU Learning for Life Campus Briefing Meetings across all campuses in Semesters 1 & 2, providing the opportunity to engage with staff on each campus and update them on the progress of Learning for Life, as well as showcase some of the 2016 initiatives
  • Established an Assessment Advisors Network in order to develop academic staff capability and capacity in assessment design and delivery
  • Initiated the following projects, that are well underway and are expected to be implemented in early 2017:
    - Work Integrated Learning at ACU – WIL@ACU
    -  Innovation in Teaching and Learning  - inTEL
    - Online Capacity Building – Developing units and courses at ACU)
    - Postgraduate Online Orientation
    - Learning and Teaching Enhancement  Dashboard

In 2017 and beyond, we will be working closely with the ACU community to achieve our shared goal of excellence in Learning and Teaching.

2015 - Key Achievements

With the ongoing support and collaboration of the Provost Office and the faculties, the Learning for Life team achieved the following project outcomes in 2015:

  • Produced the Guidelines to enhance use of LEO (endorsed by Academic Board - Dec 2015)
  • Developed the Physical L&T Space Standards (endorsed by Academic Board - Dec 2015)
  • Designed and delivering the PEER  observation and Review of Teaching (PORT)
  • Supported the Simulation in L&T – e-health Simulation (FHS)
  • Implemented a Streaming Server (Live as from Sep 2015)
  • Designed, developed and piloted a Teaching Support Project – Enhancing Teaching Practice
  • Converted and implementing Teaching Online Course (Implementation of EPIGEUM) to EQUELLA content packages

L4L will be working with the ACU community throughout 2016 to both communicate and operationalise these important pieces of work. 

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