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The 5th ACU learning and teaching conference exploring excellence in learning and teaching at ACU was hosted by the deputy vice-chancellor (students, learning and teaching) and led by the learning and teaching centre (LTC). The conference was held on Friday 27 July at ACU’s North Sydney campus.

Conference photos

Photos from the 2018 ACU learning and teaching conference can now be viewed in the online gallery. You will need the password: LTC

If you would like a copy of any image, please contact Mary Evripidou, Mary.Evripidou@acu.edu.au

The Keynote speaker was Associate Professor Jason Lodge, University of Queensland.
Learning means thinking; teaching means thinking about thinking; Let’s think differently!

The purpose of the conference is to:

  • Promote and celebrate excellence in learning and teaching
  • Showcase ways in which technology enhanced learning can enrich student learning experiences and outcomes
  • Explore and demonstrate ways to further enhance and enrich our curricula and practices
  • Engage with students and academics on learning and teaching issues
  • Demonstrate ways in which ACU has promoted the participation and success of students from low socioeconomic groups.

Further Information

For academic matters and the conference program, please contact the conference Academic Lead, Dr Duncan Nulty at duncan.nulty@acu.edu.au or ext: 9079.

For general conference inquiries contact the Conference Manager, Mary Evripidou at mary.evripidou@acu.edu.au or ext: 2142.

Conference Program

Download the conference program

8:30 Registration and Refreshments - Ryan Auditorium Foyer

ACU Learning for Life Showcase, Futures Booth and Posters
  • ACU Learning & Teaching Website treasure hunt - Vebica Evans, James Nicholson & Antonina Petrolito
  • Electronic medical records in interprofessional simulation education (EMRISE) - Stephen Guinea & Peter Lewis
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed realities - Peter Weyand
  • 360 and interactive video - Michael Sobek
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence - Rupert Russell
  • Postgraduate online orientation - Tim Baillie
  • Learning analytics - Baharul Zaman
9:50 Take your seats - Ryan Auditorium
10:00 Welcome to Country - Uncle Laurie, Guringai Man
ACU Prayer - Father Anthony Casamento
Formal Conference Opening - Vice Chancellor and President Professor Greg Craven [By video]
Introduction of Keynote Speaker - Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe
10:30 Keynote
Learning means thinking; Teaching means thinking about thinking; Let’s think differently!
Associate Professor Jason Lodge, University of Queensland
11:30 Morning Tea and Networking - Ryan Auditorium Foyer

ACU Learning for Life Showcase, Futures Booth and Posters
WHERE? WHAT? 12.00 – 12.25 12.30 – 12.55 1.00 – 1.30
Ryan Auditorium ACU World Linkages:
Mission, Identity & Brand
WL1: Work Integrated Learning at ACU
A/Prof Jillian Fox
WL2: Core Curriculum: What’s it really all about?
Prof Ray Younis
WL3: Learning - Engaging - Teaching
A/Prof Peter Howard
502.1.47 Showcasing excellence in L&T:
P1: The use of student-led discussion forum in an online postgraduate unit
Dr Flora He
Mr Andrew Hill
P2: The effects of collaborative testing on higher order thinking: Do the bright get brighter?
Dr John Mahoney
P3: Multifaceted approaches to scholarship of teaching and learning
Dr Robyn Bentley-Williams
502.1.49 Showcasing excellence in L&T:
Nuts 'n' Bolts
NB1: Rubrics: For Teachers? Students? ... Or?
Mr Gus Wong
NB2: Writing robust rubrics
Dr Jann Carroll
Dr Judith Norris
Ms Robyn Saunders
Ms Mary Gallagher
Ms Penny Wheeler
NB3: A versatile and multidisciplinary learning and teaching sequence design to develop information literacy skills to teach research concepts in academic writing
Dr Nisha Antony
Ms Cecilia Liddle 
502.2.24 Showcasing excellence in L&T:
Nuts 'n' Bolts
NB4: Using an electronic medical record to embed sustainable and authentic student learning experiences within undergraduate curricula
A/Prof Stephen Guinea
Mr Peter Weyand
A/Prof Peter Lewis
NB5: The pros and cons of designing and implementing e-learning modules in global health
Dr Michelle Black
Ms Annelisa Sipos
NB6: Second time's the charm: A how-to guide for soliciting and marking optional, informal drafts
Dr Rajiv Amarnani
502.2.25 Showcasing excellence in L&T:
P4: Embedding Indigenous Knowings across the curriculum.
Dr Kristina Everett
Mr Phillip Dreise
P5: Excellence in inter-professional learning – A realist evaluation approach to identifying factors that promote success.
A/Prof Loretta Sheppard
Dr Leigha Dark
P6: Attracting successful students: Deputy Principal Maria Trimmis explores excellence and equity through university - school partnerships
Ms Maria Trimmis
Ms Nicola Cull
Mr Ryan Collins
502.2.26 Showcasing excellence in L&T:
P7: Authentic online simulation-based learning and assessment for postgraduate students: When only Moodle will do.
Dr Kirsten Way
Ms Lisa Burrell
Prof Kevin Ashford-Rowe
P8: Peer observation and review of teaching: learnings from the Faculty of Health Sciences
A/Prof Diane Jacobs
Ms Helena Williams
P9: Enriching and enhancing curricula development practice at ACU: Using Carpe Diem workshops to develop new unit materials required for delivery across five campuses
A/Prof Peter Lewis
Prof Patrick Crookes
502.2.27 Showcasing excellence in L&T:
Round Table Discussions & Paper
RT1: Student led participation in development of all teaching resources and assessments from second year onwards: Fool's idea or much more?
Dr Isabelle Lys
Dr Santha James
Dr Fiona Ballard
Ms Laurine Hurley
Ms Clare Crisp
RT2: Open Educational Resources: Supporting equitable outcomes for all students at ACU
Dr Katarina Tuinamuana
Ms Bernice McIntyre
Ms Vicki Bourbous
P10: Creating partnerships with schools low socio-economic communities: enhancing outcomes for pre-service teachers and for schools
Dr Jo Ryan
Ms Mary Podporin
502.1.48 InnoBytes Workshop
Launch of "InTEL"
Inno-Bytes: Quick-fire innovations using Technology to Enhance Learning
Launch of InTEL: The Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning Advisory Group

1. Using LEO Badges to excite and maintain student interest and commitment – Dr Adam Staples
2. Adaptive and individualised assessment submission using Qualtrics – Dr Paul Taylor
3. Maximising the benefit of feedback using video – Dr David Opar
4. ECHO 360 Active Learning Platform – Dr Isabelle Lys
5. Creating simulations using branching scenarios in LEO Lesson – Dr Kirsten Way
1:30 Lunch and Networking - Ryan Auditorium Foyer

ACU Learning for Life Showcase, Future Booth and Posters
2:30 Launch of the Learning and Teaching Framework 2018 – 2020Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe
Launch of "Indigenous Curriculum Resources" on the Learning and Teaching WebsiteMr Phillip Dreise
2:45 Learning and Teaching Debate
Improving our culture of excellence in learning and teaching will improve our students’ learning experience and learning outcomes.
Introductions by Dr Duncan Nulty
Chair: Associate Professor Jason Lodge
Negative: Ms Laurine Hurley; Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman; Mrs Christine Sonseray. Students: Nicholas Morgan; Weingel Kristofer Galang; Katherine Finlay
Affirmative: Dr Zoltan Rusznak; Ms Michele McGrath; Dr Bulend Terzigolu. Students: Luke Cassidy; Chloe Wynter; Zara Fasso-Opie

Who will win? You will decide!
[Disclaimer: In the interests of a robust and entertaining debate, the views and opinions expressed by presenters in this debate are not necessarily those of the presenters!]
3:45 The Conference Wrap Up
Professor Anne Cummins, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching)
4:10 Conference Close
Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe
4:20 Canapés and Drinks

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