Journal and book information

Riseman, N. (2013). Serving their country: A short history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service in the Australian Army. Australian Army Journal, 10(3), 11.

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Online article and essay

Remembering Indigenous soldiers is one way to live reconciliation. Rochester, Azra, 2015.

Why does the Australian War memorial ignore the frontier war? Daley, Paul, 2013.

Lest we forget over it. Pearson, Luke, 2018.

Husband, dad, digger: The Aboriginal ANZAC who fought for family. Daniel James, 2019.

The unit that never existed: Indigenous Vietnam vet from the secret unit reunite after 45 years. Achibald-Binge, Ella, 2018.

Black ANZAC: a documentary decolonising war history through street art. McCarthy-Grogan, Grayson, 2019.

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