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Hunter, C. M., Haddon, M., & Sainsbury, K. J. (2005). Use of fishery‐dependent data for the evaluation of depensation: Case study involving the predation of rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) by octopus (Octopus maorum). New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 39(2), 455-469.

Ens, E. J., Pert, P., Clarke, P. A., Budden, M., Clubb, L., Doran, B., ... & Locke, J. (2015). Indigenous biocultural knowledge in ecosystem science and management: review and insight from Australia. Biological Conservation, 181, 133-149.

Pert, P. L., Ens, E. J., Locke, J., Clarke, P. A., Packer, J. M., & Turpin, G. (2015). An online spatial database of Australian Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge for contemporary natural and cultural resource management. Science of the Total Environment, 534, 110-121.

Online article and essay

Traditional fire knowledge of Indigenous fire practices burns pathways to safer, healthier country. McKillop. Charlie 2016.

How two sisters helped return Coomaditchie to its former glory. Varley, Tareyn, 2019.

The Torres Strait Islanders taking 'world-first climate change case' to UN. Wellington, Shahni. 2019.


Indigenous perspectives on biodiversity.

Biological diversity and Indigenous knowledge.

National Indigenous fire Workshop.

Other media

Australia’s Biodiversity: Indigenous perspectives.

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