Affirming cultural recognition

Affirming Cultural Recognition at the Australian Catholic University is a document primarily aimed at assisting academics to embed First Peoples perspectives within the curriculum.

It also provides:

  • First Peoples specific information to support understanding and interactions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, organisations, providers and communities.
  • an ‘appropriate terminology guide’, protocols and histories of First Peoples within this university and more generally across Australia.
  • highlights of significant cultural events and expectations whilst dealing with First Peoples peoples.
  • an appropriate reference list referring to other sources which outline general and specific strategies whilst dealing with Australia’s First Peoples.

Affirming cultural recognition at ACU(PDF, 93 KB)


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Organisation Contact Lists

ACU staff can benefit from building relationships and working in a positive manner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities organisations.

The following lists have been developed so that university staff can contact local First Peoples in the vicinity of their university campus. Organisations are State specific and are collated under service delivery areas such as health, education, culture etc. Working with Aboriginal people and communities can improve our knowledge and understanding of the diverse cultural dynamics that exist within local Indigenous communities.

Building relationships with First Peoples employed by these organisations can assist our university with specific cultural knowledges, placement of our students or advice regarding local ways of knowing, being and doing.


Timeline: Australia’s First Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a rich history in Australia. This timeline confirms what Aboriginal people have always known, that they are the world’s oldest continuous living culture. The lives of Australia’s First Peoples has been affected by what has happened prior to and since the Europeans arrived.

This timeline outlines in detail those significant and other events that have had both positive and negative impacts upon Australia’s First Peoples and communities. It is hoped that ACU staff can use this in their teaching as well as to develop their own knowledge and understanding of significant events that have occurred within Australia.

Timeline (DOCX, 49.2 KB)

Please email for help or information. Staff from the Learning and Teaching Centre are happy to work with you to embed these resources into your curriculum.

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