For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, embedding First Peoples perspectives into the curricula enables them to see themselves, their cultures and their identities reflected in their learning and educational institution. For non-Indigenous students it offers the chance to deepen their knowledge of Australia by engaging in respectful relationships, and take steps towards meaningful reconciliation and recognition of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures. Students come to understand the strength, diversity and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through their learnings.

Understanding a discipline through the embedding of First Peoples perspectives enhances the educational experiences of all students by providing a richer and more accurate understanding of Australia’s culture and history. It gives students the opportunity to visualise their future careers through their educational journeys, whilst building relationships and knowledge about others’ perspectives. Understanding and respecting each others’ perspectives creates a space where we can grow with and learn from each other. In doing so it shapes how we might move forward together.

To understand a discipline through the embedding of First Peoples perspectives nourishes our spirits as Australians. This process, this action engages all of us in connecting to Country, to our space and place in this ancient and timeless land. It helps all of us to better shape our identity as Australians. We are all a part of this nation’s Dreaming.

The following resources will assist in the process of embedding First Peoples perspectives into your curriculum.

Small2Designing curriculum with First Peoples content

Associate Professor Nerida (Ned) Blair and Dr Kristina Everett yarn about embedding Indigenous Knowings into curricula, with explanations of what this    means and how this can be done:

Small2First Peoples resources evaluation tool

The First Peoples resources evaluation tool has been developed by the Learning and Teaching Centre to evaluate First Peoples resources you may want to use in your curriculum. It enables you to review a learning resource or activity to consider its value for embedding First Peoples Knowings, perspectives and pedagogical practices into your unit.

Small2First Peoples content and resources

These further resources have been evaluated using the First Peoples resources evaluation tool, they provide guidelines for embedding First Peoples content into your curricula.


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