The folllowing is provided as background understanding of the course approval process. For further details about the course approvals process, see ACU Guidelines for course approval, amendment and review.

Approval process

A simple redevelopment of a unit does not require approval, more complex changes do (check with ACU policy and your faculty for correct process).

For new units and courses, before they can be developed they must be approved.

The university process for developing and approving new courses or for major changes to existing courses (outside formal course review) is subject to a number of stages.

Timelines for course approval

The process from concept planning to senate approval can take a long time — approximately 12-15 months for course approval.

For undergraduate courses because of the publishing deadlines for the Tertiary Admission Centre the deadline to be signed off at Academic Board can be 13 months before it is implemented (e.g. November 2017 academic board sign off, for Semester 1 2019 implementation).

Postgraduate or direct entry courses generally have a smaller window of ~9 months from Academic Board sign-off to implementation (e.g. June 2018 academic board sign off for Semester 1 2019 implementation).

timeline with the full band showing 12-15 months, split into 'course idea and concept development' and 'series of approval meetings

Approval process timelines, image created by ACU Learning and Teaching Centre (2017)

Approval pathway for a new course proposal

The various approval meeting checkpoints occur in succession over approximately six months.

New course concept

Full course proposal

Review and quality assurance

New course approval

  • Faculty proposes a new course concept
  • Faculty Board gives 'in principle' approval
  • ACU Course Concept Approval Committee assesses the concept from various internal and external perspectives and gives approval for the concept to develop into a full course proposal.
  • An ACU Course Development Committee is established, and they develop a more detailed course proposal
  • Faculty Board approves the proposal to go to review.
  • ACU Courses and Academic Quality Committee review the proposal and give their endorsement.
  • ACU Academic Board considers recommendations and advice and approves proposal.
  • Senate approves course.

For further details about the course approvals process, see ACU Guidelines for course approval, amendment and review.

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