• promote student engagement in university life;
  • to provide opportunities for the development of student leadership; and
  • to provide opportunities for students to develop graduate attributes making them career ready professionals.

The Office of Student Success is also responsible for the support of the Student Associations including ACUNSA.

The Director, Office of Student Success manages and leads the professional support services for students which are delivered across the University. These services aim to provide every student with opportunities to assist them with achieving their academic and personal goals.

Student support is available through the following service areas:

Career Development Service delivers a comprehensive range of engaging and specialised career services to current students and graduates.

For staff, the Career Development Service works in collaboration with academics in the design, facilitation and assessment of career development learning both in and adjunct to the curriculum including:

  • Development of content, activities and resources tailored to a student cohort needs;
  • Faculty specific events and employer engagement; and
  • Information about the latest industry employment data and labour market projections; and support with professional experience programs (WIL).

ACU CareerHub

ACU CareerHub, an online portal which provides students with opportunities for employment, community engagement, work experience, volunteer and internships. CareerHub also enables students to make an appointment, access our online service and stay informed of opportunities for professional development.

Ms Brigitte White
Manager, Career Development Service

Student Jobs on Campus

Student Jobs on Campus (SJC) connects students who are looking for casual and short term employment opportunities with ACU employers.  The SJC program offers students an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience, develop graduate attributes, engage with the university community while at the same time as earning an income. ACU staff can also hire casual staff using the SJC Solutions Database.

Ms Tamara Stacey
SJC Coordinator

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a free, voluntary, academic support program that provides weekly small group peer-led study sessions to specific first-year units to which PASS is attached and is highly recommended to all students wishing to improve their academic performance.

It is also a great way to connect with other students and build a network of friends. Current students can check the Student Portal to find out if there is a PASS program for their units of study.

Ms Geraldine McNulty
Student Retention Coordinator

Academic Skills Unit (ASU) works to develop students' skills and strategies for successful university study.

Skills and strategies taught include: transition to tertiary study, managing time, numeracy, academic reading, referencing, note taking and academic writing.

For students, there are online as well as face-to-face workshops, consultations, drop-ins and Ask an Adviser email service. There is also a range of online and print resources including ACU Study Guide: Skills for Success.

Learn more

For staff, Academic Skills Advisers can assist in the development of integrated academic skills support into teaching programs, as well as provide activities, materials and resources to support student learning.

For further information about ASU and their services, visit the Student Portal.

Ms Patricia Hacker
Manager, Academic Skills Unit

Counselling and Disability Service provides free and confidential counselling and disability support to ensure students can participate fully in university life. The unit offers a range of programs and workshops to help students overcome the challenges of personal and situational issues that impact on their university experience.

All ACU counsellors are experienced and trained psychologists or social workers. They assist students via one-to-one counselling, psychoeducational groups and the provision of relevant resources and referral. The counsellors also offer Mental Health First Aid which educates and raises awareness about mental health and empowers people to respond appropriately. A number of early intervention stress management programs are offered on each campus and a range of workshops are offered on the campuses to encourage proactive health management.

The Disability Advisors work with students with ongoing or temporary disabilities, including health conditions, which impact their studies. Disability Advisors, based upon treating professionals’ assessment and recommendations develop an individual plan (called an Education Inclusion Plan) for students to manage their studies.

Appointments with a counsellor or a disability advisor can be booked online through the Student Portal.

Staff can view further resources and training materials under Tools and Services.

Dr Darko Hajzler
Manager, Counselling and Disability Service

The Student Strategies unit aims to enhance our students’ university experience by ensuring they are informed about curricular and co-curricular news and opportunities, services and support, student initiatives and achievements, and campus announcements.

Student Strategies coordinates ACU’s large-scale internal student communications via: the Student Portal; OrgSync; Student News and Student Events bulletins; digital screens on campus; electronic direct mail (email) and posters, brochures and flyers.

Student Portal

The Student Portal is a powerful tool in communicating regularly with our students. The Portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for our students. It provides students with single sign-on access to their schedule, Learning Environment Online (LEO), email, Student Connect, Tutorial Direct, Work Integrated Learning, Org Sync, news, events information, announcements and other key information to facilitate and enhance their learning at ACU.

The Portal provides a personalised experience, including customised information based on a student’s campus, enrolment and study level. For example, new students can accept their course offer, enrol and prepare for Orientation via the Student Portal. You can view a non-personalised version of the Student Portal using your ACU staff login.

Student Portal Staff Resources

Student Newsletters

The monthly Student News and Student Events bulletins are prominent channels we use to regularly communicate with our undergraduate and postgraduate students. If you would like your news or event to feature in one of these bulletins please email us at student.news@acu.edu.au.

National Student Association and Campus Student Association elections

The Student Strategies team also coordinates the annual National Student Association and Campus Student Association elections, the Staff Referral Guide to Student Services, and some student retention initiatives.

Staff Referral Guide

The Staff Referral Guide (PDF file, 2MB) as part of the ACU Student Achievement and Retention Strategy, which is focused on giving our students the best opportunity to succeed in their studies. The guide outlines all of the services, programs and activities on offer to our students and a web page link for staff and students to access further information on each area.

If you would like to communicate a message or a series of messages to our students, the Student Strategies team is happy to assist. We are also interested to hear your feedback about using our different communication channels. You are welcome to contact us at educomms@acu.edu.au.

Sarah Rose
Student Strategy Manager

The Student Enrichment Unit seeks to develop a rich, enjoyable and diverse campus culture that engages students, staff and the wider community in a vibrant and dynamic campus life, initiatives include:

  • Student Development which focused on developing leadership skills for clubs and societies executives through leadership events, programs and workshops, providing coaching and guidance, and support for student associations, clubs, societies (as well as for all students at ACU). Learn more about ACUNSA and Student Associations, clubs and societies.
  • Student Enrichment Programs comprise of co-curricular activities, events and competitions across the University. Students have the opportunity to develop holistically with programs such as the student choirs, guitar lessons, foreign language classes, cultural celebrations, creative and performing arts programs and various other events.
  • Student Advocacy Service provides students with confidential support, information and referral on matters related to ACU’s academic and procedural rules and regulations. The Student Advocacy Service empowers students to navigate the University policies and procedures, creating a culture of student advocacy where the dignity and respect of all parties is maintained.
  • Membership of the Golden Key International Society which provides students with leadership competencies and skills that contribute to their development as active and global citizens.
  • Development of students from the Early Achievers’ Program through a series of leadership opportunities to keep students engaged in the service of others.

Mr Joel Walker
Manager, Student Enrichment

Part of the Student Enrichment Unit, the Student Advocacy Service provides students with confidential support, information and referral on matters related to ACU’s academic and procedural rules and regulations. The Student Advocacy Service empowers students to navigate the University policies and procedures, creating a culture of student advocacy where the dignity and respect of all parties is maintained.

Mr Thomas Armstrong
Student Advocacy Coordinator

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