ACU has five portfolio programs, which clearly articulate the annual priorities for each portfolio and incorporate the Vice-Chancellor’s annual priorities.

Identity and Mission

The Identity and Mission Portfolio Program focuses on:

  • leading Catholic institution
  • Catholic university experience
  • Community engagement and the common good.

ACU sustains a strong and visible commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition and is guided by the values of truth, excellence and service.

Academic profile

The Academic Portfolio Program focuses on:

  • enrolment planning management
  • portfolio of course offerings
  • academic environment
  • internationalisation.

ACU is recognised as a provider of innovative and quality higher education courses delivered by leading academics. We meet the needs of a diverse student body, our partners and the community.

Corporate services

The Corporate Services Portfolio Program focuses on:

  • strategic approach and governance
  • workplace culture, staff performance and development
  • financial accountability, transparency and sustainability
  • infrastructure and environment
  • stakeholder relations.

ACU has a culture of performance and service excellence.


The Research Portfolio Program focuses on:

  • research capacity
  • research partnerships
  • research quality.

ACU is a world-leading research University in its areas of specialisation and has a culture of research excellence that is aligned to its Mission and identity.

Students, learning and teaching

The Students, Learning and Teaching Portfolio Program focuses on:

  • student experience
  • learning and teaching
  • diversity and equity
  • library and learning resources.

ACU pursues excellence in all areas of teaching and provides its students with a distinctive, responsive and relevant learning experience.

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Sophie Dickinson
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