The initial service standards below have been introduced to give you clarity about the service delivery that the Office of Planning and Strategic Management strives for, and what you can expect when you access a service.

Staff are encouraged to review the standards and may give feedback on the delivery of the services against the standards outlined below.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, these standards may be revised and adjusted based on staff feedback.  Feedback on the service standards can be given via email to

Further information

A more detailed explanation of the service standards, including dependencies as well as service recipients’ obligations when accessing a service, is available in a downloadable file (PDF file, 259KB).

You can also find out more about a range of service improvements being implemented across the University at the Service Excellence website.

Standard to be met 100% of the time over one year:

  • The Traffic Light Report will be published on the Office of Planning and Strategic Management website by the last day of April each year.
  • Ad-hoc data requests will be assessed and responded to with an estimated timeframe for completion within two business days.

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