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Contract documentation for contractors

Contract Value
Type of engagement   Contract to be used 
Less than $100,000   Minor works order – involving minimal design documentation   Request for quotation – Contractor 
Greater than $100,000
but less than $1,500,000  

Lump sum minor works – engagements with or without documented design  

ACU Minor Works Contract Conditions 
Greater than $1,500,000   Traditional lump sum – fully documented design   ACU General Contract Conditions 
Greater than $100,000   Managing contractor   Please contact OGC 
Greater than $100,000   Design and construct (D&C)   Please contact OGC  
Any value Audio visual installation   Please contact OGC  

Contract documentation for consultants

Contract Value   Type of engagement   Contract to be used 
Less than $100,000   Consultants whose services are relatively simple &/or present a low risk to ACU   Request for quotation – Consultant 
Greater than $100,000   Consultants who will provide professional consultancy services of a more substantial nature or over a longer period   ACU long form consultancy agreement 
Greater than $100,000   External construction superintendent/project manager  

ACU PM Agreement 

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